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I pasted this form another thread....

Hi, I am new here, so hopefully I won't step on any toes. I have been battleing my school this year as well, my son is in full day kindergarten and I enver realized how scary school could be. Perosnally I am not going to do a 504(my decision), I have come up with a 15 page Food Allergy Action Plan that I have copied for the nurse, teacher and principal. It goes through, step by step, what I am requesting the school do for my sons safety. Every situation I can possibly think of I am covering. They won't comply with all my resquests, but once they are in writing, then I can continue asking that they do. I have step by step instructions what I want them to do when another child brings in a peanut snack, to his class. I am first requesting they make his classroom peanut-free...but untilt hey do, my instructions are 1) please allow the class to eat the snack int he lunchroom where my son can sit at the peanut free tables, and the other sit at the regular tables. Then the class needs to wash their hands before retunring to class(to keep the room from becoming contaminated)...if they can't do that then 2) I want my son to be walked to the office and I want to be called to come get him. Isolating him isn't my goal here, I want the classroom peanut-free, I want the parent or child who brings in the peanut snack to be told "no, I'm sorry this is a peanut free classroom" but until that can happen, I have to have a back up plan, and my "action plan" gives them my instructions. I also listed areas of concern like the playground teachers carrying walkie talkies to be in contact with the office in case of an emergency. I want to be notified every time my child steps foot in the nurses office, even for a splinter. If he is sent to the office or the library I want another child to walk with him or the teacher, never alone. Often times when kids feel sick they go into the restroom, what if he is having an attack and walks himself to the bathroom, no one would know he's in there.....these are things you have to think about and make sure you have yourself covered. I am requesting a meeting with the principal, teacher and school nurse(they recomend counselor if your school offers them as well) and I am going to walk all of them through my plan. This is my child and this is what I expect to be done each and every day. Keep on them, I have been emailing and calling the district for 2 mths and finally got lunchroom changes made for the whole school. We even made the news!! I am still going though, my mission isn't over. I have even been on the governor, he needs to make some laws and policies for these schools to follow(have you searched the food allergy guide for Connecticut, it's a start at least). Good luck, we all need it!!

On Dec 14, 2006


Originally posted by chanda4: [b]Perosnally I am not going to do a 504(my decision)[/b]

Just out of curiosity, why have you decided against a 504 plan?


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On Dec 14, 2006

We started out that way too. The Principal was very cooperative and nice. Met with DH to come up with a school Food Allergy Policy. Problem is enforcement. When we got to asking that our son sit at a table for lunch, instead of on the ground, we got met back with the diplomat stating "reasonable accommodation" back at us. As if asking that our FA son sitting at a table to eat was unreasonable. It was incredibly disappointing and sad to realize the lip service after so much work was put into something that was really a good thing. We then began getting our stuff coordinated with the allergist, and asked for, and received, a 504.

I hope that your situation goes differently. We had hoped to put something in place that would benefit other FA children, not just our son. We wanted to think past our own doorstep. It was not to be though. We had to put our son first, get the legal designation and accommodations for him, because the school just wasn't going to enforce something it didn't legally have to do.

On Dec 14, 2006

Okay.....honestly, I thought I had my mind made up and now I am unsure again. I think about this non stop. I need to do more research.... I do have a IHP in place, but it ins't detailed(it's 1 1/2 pages, basically stating what to do in an emergency). Is the 504 VERY detailed then?? Doe sit offer preventative actions as well as emergency? I will keep reading. I know what I want to say to the school, what I want them to do, I just don't know how to do it.

On Dec 15, 2006


Glad to see that you're thinking of creating a 504.

As you'll read in the other threads, though, the first thing you need to do is work with your child's doctor. It's vital to have your ducks in a row before you engage the school in the 504 process (see other linked responses in your other threads for guidance)...

On Dec 15, 2006

Hi Chanda!

Busy day for you here yesterday!

I know the story about your school (Our corporate office is in Broomfield - McKesson), and I see you posting a bit about the story.

Thank you for visiting us. Grab a seat. We are a WEALTH of knowledge here.


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