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I stumbled upon this site and I am so happy to have found it!!! My daughter was diagnosed, officially, as allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs in November when she was just over a year. It seemed (and sometimes still does seem) completely overwhelming. I have a 3 year old son, who is not allergic to food, thus far. My daughter is not even 2 years old, but I already find myself worrying about when she is in school or birthday parties without me, teenage years, etc. I know I am getting way ahead of myself. It will be nice to chat with you parents who are further along in this process.

I do want to thank all of you pioneers who have paved the way for my daughter, Molly. I knwo there has been so much work done in raising awareness of food allergies and I am grateful for what has already been done. There is a lot more to do and I am willing to jump in to advocate for safe food choices.

Nicole (I live in NH with my husband, 3 year old, non-allergic son, and 22 month old peanut, tree nut, and egg allergic daughter, Molly.

On Jun 21, 2003

Welcome Nicole, I hope you find this site as helpful and supportive as I have.

On Jun 23, 2003

Hi Nicole!

I stumbled upon this site a while ago (having had PA for many years - I am 19) and have found it so great! Everone here is so helpfull and supportive and it can be so reassuring just to know you're not alone.

I hope you will find the wealth of information here very helpful.


On Jun 25, 2003

Hi Nicole and welcome!

This can all be so overwhelming in the beginning but I can attest it does get easier with time. (Maybe "easier" isn't the right gets less overwhelming).

There is a lot of support here and I am so glad you found us.

My 9 year old son was diagnosed with peanut; egg; soybean and diary allergies when he was 10 months old. He has outgrown everything but his peanut allergy but handles himself very well with it. [img][/img]

Education is the key and there is a great links section you may want to check out.

Again, welcome! Anything we can do to ease the stress, ask away.

------------------ Stay Safe!


On Jun 26, 2003

Welcome NicoleinNH!

It's normal to start thinking way ahead of yourself---especially when your child is first diagnosed.

We discovered my son's allergy almost 6 years ago and since then I've seen tremedous positive changes in the food industry, in schools and in general awareness.

Many of the problems you are reading about on these boards today may thankfully not be problems for you in the future. As you read, you will see all the hard work and effort many of the parents are doing that will help create a safer and more tolerant world for your daughter.

Wherever you can help to move things along, such as contacting companies to make them aware of just how high our numbers are---that would help us all.

Don't worry too much yet. You should save some of it for the 'normal' teenager type things that are awaiting you.