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Hi all, new here I have a daughter 3 1/2 y o class 4 leaning toward 5 PA plus more allergies. Allergiest saied on a scale of 1-10 a she is over 10. So scared trying to set school up soon. feel lost need all support I can get! ,1- 6 1/2 year old and twins 3 1/2 yo.

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On Oct 7, 2002

You poor thing! I'm in the same boat too. Is there a specific question we can help with? I'm new here too but I'll help with anything I can. I find lots of great info searching too. Just let us know!

Vanessa, mom of a daughter with multiple severe food allergies, aged 15 months.

On Oct 9, 2002

Hi all just got yopur email thanks littlev as mulitiple allergys to feathers,dust mites,cats,horeses,misc.molds,trees,grasses,weeds,milk,eggs,and soy. So far. boy is it hard to find bread with no soy not to metion anything else with no soy. Going to have a holloween party instead of door to door.Going to have her retested for pa to see were her levels are,shes a 4 on a scale o 0-6.Trying to get books in the school for the childern,as well as staff in about a year i would like to make the school a nut free school going to get speackers on behalf of all alleric childern,and a dieticanery i know i ddid not spell that right. Any one who can give me adivice on the order i should present thi up comming events for the school i would apprecate it as well as a support group in my area hope all is well to day. Thanks USMC4ever its good to hear from someone.

On Sep 24, 2003

I just need to add to Little V's list of known allergen's

As of 11-02 Rocephin As of 9-24-03 Nickle

Love this site Synthia