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Hi Everyone, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Catherine and I have a 4 1/2 year old PA dd. I have recently found this site when I was researching starting table foods for baby #2 with a FA child. My 11 1/2 month old is getting ready to start on table food and it scares me. My FA dd had a reaction on her 1st birthday and we are not sure what it was too. She wasn't formally tested until 2 1/2 when she had her first pb and j sandwich and broke out in hives. I am a nurse and have facilitated the FAAN support group. My husband is a chef and no longer uses peanut oil in his restaurant. I find it ironic that the nurse and the chef have a food allergic daughter. I was feeling alone and scared because my family sometimes doesn't understand. When I told them for my dd#2 first birthday I would only make her a food allergy free cake, I got teased but then that is how we cope. Any tips on starting second child on table food. I have taken it slow but it's getting to be that i need to move things along so that she can start daycare as I am returning to work in sept.

On Aug 2, 2007

Hi and welcome,

I have a FA DS who is 5 and my second DD is 13 months old. We also have other children in our extended family who have food allergies - so I have been trying to take it extremely slow with foods for # 2. She is currently on Nutramigen, fruits, veggies and pork and we just intro'ed wheat it is the first of the top 8 that she has had. I am going to try and hold off on the others until she is 18 months to 2 years. Her Ped wants me to start soy by the time she is 15 months old or move her to a toddler formula - which since I can't find one that is hypo, i might have to do an elemental - haven't decided.

Her first was interesting for me as well my mom felt bad I wasn't giving her cake. I hadn't started wheat yet so she couldn't even have the milk free egg free cake I made for everyone else. I made her a corn muffin and put a frosting made of powdered sugar and water on it.

I do plan on having her tested before giving her Milk or egg. Then have her tested for nuts before I put her in any kind of daycare. I work but luckily for me my mom watches her.

I do worry that since I was on an emlimination diet while P and BF that the tests might be false as her system has never seen some of the top 8. I did eat wheat and some soy. and cut egg, fish and dairy when I was 6 months along. And of course due to my sons allergy I don't eat nuts.

I feel guilty keeping things from her that she might be ok with. But her wieght is good and she is healthy so...


DS 5 PA TNA DD 1 ??????

On Aug 2, 2007


Thank you for responding. I have taken it slow too with dd#2, my allergist ok's wheat only recently and she seems to be fine. My allergist recommended one new food a week. So far, so good. I refuse to try eggs until age 2 but I find it hard to find any foods without. I even noticed some 3rd stage baby foods contain egg whites!!! Why?? would gerber or earth's best have egg whites. I have started her on soy as well and all seems ok., no eczema, no rashes, no belly aches. Very different from dd #1 who was on table food by this time but milk and soy protein allergic as an infant, outgrew both by 1 year or so I was told. Do you take dd #2 to allergist or just to your pediatrician?

On Aug 2, 2007

I know it is such a pain finding easy food for her. Right now I cut up all kinds of Fresh fruits for her. I try to get her to eat some veggies and we have pasta that is just wheat. I haven't given her any of those baby snack foods except the dried fruit ones nothing else in them except fruit. I tried corn chex but they are to sharp. I am scared to start soy. This one too is very different from #1 no eczema no throwing up. She has seen our allergist (who I don't like) she had top 8 SPT when she was about 7 months old and a 20 panel Rast when she was 8 months old. Slightly elevated but still neg # to egg. I do worry about false results because I was on elimination diet some of this stuff her system has never seen.


On Aug 2, 2007

I have not taken dd#2 to allergist yet or had her tested. I was told by dd#1 allergist not to do an elimination diet, I'm sure she has been exposed to every allergen except fish and peanuts because I craved pasta, red meat and the spicier the better. I also craved milk. Can I ask what pasta you are using, I found just the store brand but I'm not sure if I trust the labeling. I have tried cut up food,but she doesn't like the texture she loves crunchy foods. Thanks again for your input, it makes me feel better knowing there is somebody else who understands, the stress.


On Aug 3, 2007


Sorry for the slow reply I have been having PC issues. We use Golden Grain. I am very comfortable with this brand as my neice who is allergic to egg and milk eats them all the time. My daughter is very picky about texture as well. I hear you on the stress! I always start new foods on the weekends and I am trying to decide what next - stressful!


On Aug 4, 2007

thanks nichelle