New from UK


Hi I'm Jules from the UK. My daughter has a peanut allergy and I have environmental and seasonal allergies. Are there many other UK members here?

On Jan 21, 2007

Hi (edited) Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm just finding my way around here, its nice to be with people who share the same worries and day to day problems.

On Jan 22, 2007

Welcome! Although I am not from the UK, just wanted to welcome you to the board.

I also have a daughter (8 1/2) with a peanut/tree nut/and soy allergy. This board is tremendously helpful -from everyday worries, to products that are safe, to any questions we all might have.

Again, welcome!

On Jan 22, 2007

I am from the uk, have a 10 yr old son with multiple food and environmental allergies.

welcome to the board!! sarah

On Jan 27, 2007


I hope you find lots of supportive information here...there is so much to share and learn.

I pray your daughter has been prescribed an epi pen with instructions on how and when to use it. It can all be very overwhelming at times, can't it? I'm glad you've found us...the board has helped all of us so very much!