New from Montreal, Canada


Hello. My almost 2 and a half year old daughter has been peanut allergic since age 1 when I gave her peanut butter on toast. I recently discovered this board and have found it very useful. We are also avoiding all tree nuts and legumes as she broke out in hives after eating split pea soup. Just wanted to say hello and thank you to all of you!

On Jun 29, 2005

Hi Charlottesmom!!

Glad you found us. This is the greatest place to browse, post, hang out, ask questions, etc.

Welcome and have a blessed day! Bridget

On Jul 1, 2005

Hi and welcome to the board. [img][/img]

In reading posts, you may have noticed we do have a few people from the Province of Quebec - so you will probably find some info. specific to your area.

On Jul 3, 2005

HI. I'm also from Montreal. We also avoid tree nuts and all legumes, so I know how it feels to be in your shoes...

Not many of us from Quebec here. There used to be Arachide, but I haven't seen her here in a while...

My son is 7 1/2 now, PA known since the age of 18 months. He's reacted to chick peas, and soy so we avoid all legumes now. My daughter is almost 5, and while she's not been tested yet, we suspect an allergy to mustard and soy.

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On Jul 4, 2005

Hi Darthcleo. I am happy to hear that there is someone so close by! Any idea where on Sherbrooke street that chinese restaurant is, east or west? Sounds very interesting. I am sorry to hear about your sons other allergies. We have given our PA DD sone Dare Vinta crackers this weekend, and she did fine.(we were concerned about sesame, she only had 1/2 a cracker but I guess that is enough?). Are you PA also?

On Jul 4, 2005

I have no clue about that restaurant... It wasn't high on my list at the time...

I'm not PA, but I am allergic to shell fish. My husband is allergic to tomatoes, although it's not a 'real' allergy. He reacts to pesticides, because he can eat organic tomatoes without a problem.

So we're used to dealing with food limitations in the house. You will too...