New from Mass


Hi! I'm from Mass. My son (22 months) is allergic to peanuts and has a less severe allergy to milk. He also has asthma. I've read some of the posts and am glad to see lots of others from Mass.

On Mar 30, 2003

Hi and welcome to the boards. You'll find tons of help with the problem of PA but you also should find lots of information about asthma as well. Unfortunately those two often go hand in hand.

On Mar 30, 2003

Just wanted to say hi and welcome.

On Mar 31, 2003

A warm welcome to you- you will find a lot of answers and support here!

Glad you found us! [img][/img]

On Mar 31, 2003

Hi there and welcome to the boards. We are near you, in Franklin, and my PA son is 22 months, too. He was also recently diagnosed with asthma. Would love to meet you and your family, we have a nut free home, and I'm very dairy aware, my almost 5 year old was lactose intolerant for the first two years, so I'm an excellent dairy detective. Drop me a note if you would like to get together, my email is in my profile (click on the little envelope on this message header). Sorry you had to walk this road, but there is a ton of info and support here. I have learned so much and it has helped us greatly. Hope to hear from you! Amy

------------------ Neil's Mom

On Mar 31, 2003

Hi and welcome. I'm sure you will find more information than you could imagine here (not to mention a great support system, too!).

On Apr 1, 2003

Hello fellow Commonwealther and welcome!

On Apr 2, 2003

Welcome! We're in the Springfield area with a 2 1/2 year-old PA boy. Glad to have you here!

On Apr 13, 2003

Sorry for the slow response! We've had a rough week - my ds has an asthma flair up and wound up in the ER on Wednesday. He's doing fine now and I'm hoping that with the Spring weather his asthma will settle down. I work full time, but I'm around on weekends if you want to get together.