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Just wanted to introduce ourselves and say we look forawrd to learning alot from this board. My 10mo DS was just diaganosed with peanut and egg allergy yesterday. We were already avoiding dairy and soy due to allergies. So today I am feeling overwhelmed, sad, anxious, name it, I think I feel it. So any information, resources, the best ways to inform daycare, family, sitters, etc. would be great. Thanks for your help.


On Feb 5, 2008

hi ksconnersmom, while my dd only deals with pa and milk re: food, I know there are others here with your ds' allergies as well. May I ask when your ds was diagnosed with the soy and dairy? My dd's first reaction was at ten months but I remember those feelings all too well. Welcome and thanks for sharing.

On Feb 5, 2008

I BF and noticed the dairy at about 1 month of age and have cut it from my diet ever since. He was tested @ 6mo of age and the test was negative. Since then I have accidently consumed dairy without knowing and we still have a reaction, so we still consider it an allergy. Soy was found when we tried feeding cereal. Some brands contain soy lecthin and he would react to this. Both dairy and soy reaction include gas, fussiness and target rash on rear and excema flare up. He also tested negative to soy @ 6mo, but if I eat something fried in vegetable oil or cooked in vegetable oil, then he still gets a rash. So once again I still consider him having a problem. In 6 weeks, we are going to trial a little soy at the Dr. Office and see if we can add that back in. So far we have had no reaction to peanuts or eggs that we know of, just mystery hives and so we tested and found the peanut and egg. How did you find out?

On Feb 5, 2008

First I must say that I applaud your instincts with your quick assessment for reaction. At the time I had no idea what was happening! Please see the thread under reactions 1st reaction title it says it all there as well as others' stories.

On Feb 5, 2008

Hi and welcome,

I only have a few minutes now so here goes. Finding out is terribly hard and I am sorry. The first thing I would do is get your Epi of course and then get a book or two on food allergies. I didn't do this right away and my son had a cross contamination reaction that we probably could have avoided if I had started reading sooner. Two that i really like are understanding and manageing your childs food allergies by Dr. Sicherer - Dr's point of view. adn The parents guide to food allergies - more of a moms point of view.

Training others of the seriousness of food allergies is one of the hardest. Many Many people just don't get it and don't take the precautions needed even after you have explained things to them.

Cross contamination in places like bakeries, icecream, chinese food, restaurants etc are a big concern.

I have to run now but will check back later.