New drug to alleviate reactions


I just received an e-mail from a relative about an article in today's NY Times about a new drug called TNX-901 that is currently in clinical trials which is supposed to reduce the severity of reactions to peanuts in those who are allergic. I just printed out the email and haven't yet sat down to read it fully, so I don't have anymore details, yet. I want to wait for my kids to go be asleep so I have time to really digest this info ( no pun intended!) It seems like they would be monthly injections, which would not eliminate the need for avoidance but would somewhat alleviate the constant fear and concern we as parents or peanut allergic individuals live with everyday. Please let me know if anyone else has heard about this. The article I think can be found at

On Mar 10, 2003

Yes, this article has been published in all of the major news channels. It seems that this drug is a few years away - but what a blessing for the possibility.

Here is the link to the article on [url=""][/url]