New Diagnosis and confused


My dd, age 7, has been diagnosed with environmental and food allergies in the past 6 weeks. Her food test was Monday and she was positive for peanuts, lobster, crab, codfish, walnuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios, and brazil nuts. With her main symptoms being constant runny nose and sneezing with a few random hives, what are the chances these are false positives? She has eaten tons of peanut butter in her life and has had repeated exposures to the other nuts except brazil. Would RAST be a wise next step to confirm the skin tests?

And as an example she had 2-4 hives on her shoulders after dinner at Pizza Hut last night. The only info I could find was a possible shellfish issue due to using the same equipment but she ate crab claws three weeks ago at the beach and I noticed nothing at all.

Please help a newbie out!