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New Book on Dealing With Food Allergies

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My wife and I recently had the opportunity to read an advance copy of a new book about living with severe food allergies. The book is entitled "Caring for Your Child with Severe Food Allergies: Emotional support and practical advice from a parent who's been there". The book will be available November 19, 1999 and it is published by John Wiley & Sons in New York. The author of the book is Lisa Cipriano Collins, M.A.,MFT. She has a nine year old son who is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and the book talks extensively about these allergies. Lisa also runs a food allergy consulting/counseling business in Burington, MA called Food Allergy Matters. The book is a wealth of information for parents, caregivers, teachers, grand parents and anyone else who has contact with your food allergic children. The book leads you through the steps of living with food allergies from diagnosis at a young age right up through some of the challenges faced by older food allergy sufferers. It tells you what you may expect at each stage and offers practical advice on dealing with each stage of a child's development. The emotional issues of living with a severe food allergy are also discussed and tips are offered for coping with them. I would highly recommend this book to anyone concerned about food allergies. It is a great resource whether you are new at dealing with food allergies or if you have been dealing with them for years. Mark

On Nov 12, 1999

This book is now available! Just go to the books page of PeanutAllergy.Com and click on the button to make your purchase on line which will benefit PeanutAllergy.Com. It is an excellent resource both for families of food allergy sufferers and for those who you are trying to educate on the subject.


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On Nov 25, 1999

Hi Mark, I am an author and publisher who will release 2 colorfully illustrated children's books targeted to 4-8 yr olds on anaphylaxis. The stories are entertaining for children and educate them on how to avoid the allergans. The series of books: "The Bedford Elementary Series" is about a group of grade 3 students who are friends. It is unique because the characters are recurring, there is an entertaining fictional story line with a health issue addressed. The Princess And The Peanut deals with nut allergies and To Bee Or Not To Bee deals with yellow jacket stings. Gone With The Windpipes is about asthma, and The Kid They Called Terminator 3 is about ADD. I am hoping to publish in May 2000. The books will most likely be available on and I will work hard to get them into general distribution in the trade market. All the best! Louise Dunne

On Nov 27, 1999

Hello everyone,

We met Lisa, the author, recently and are currently reviewing her book "Caring for Your Child with Severe Food Allergies: Emotional support and practical advice from a parent who's been there"

We put a link up to the book on

Here is a link to the book on [url=""][/url]

Here is a link to PeanutAllergy.Com's Books Page. [url=""][/url]

If you would like a copy of this book and cannot order it through amazon let me know. ------------------ Stay Safe,


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On Dec 1, 1999

I just started reading my copy of Lisa's book. It is great! It is a must for everyone. i can't say enough about what an informative and helpful book it has been.

On Feb 8, 2000

Thought everyone might be interested, I just noticed her name on the speaker list for the upcoming FAN patient conferences.

On Mar 24, 2000

Hi All, Lisa spoke at one of our support group meetings in December. She was great...the book is great. It is very validating and you will also learn some things. Personally, I'm always living year-to-year with my daughter, hoping to have a good school year. Lisa's book taught me that I need to always keep in mind the stages that are coming up (Rebecca just turned 6) and how she will need to make more and more decisions on her own; how we handle things now should build to how she can handle things on her own in the future. This helps you keep your resolve in having absolutes (never forgetting the EpiPen, making exceptions when you probably should not) so that there are no gray areas. This is the framework I want Rebecca to use to make decisions on her own. There are some things in the book that

On Apr 5, 2000

Here is Lisa Cipriano-Collins' talk/book signing event info for: Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 7:00 p.m. Discussion and Book Signing at Barnes & Noble Bookstore 98 Middlesex Turnpike Burlington, MA 01803 phone: (781) 273-3871

------------------ Stay Safe,


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On Jul 13, 2000

Read this book over the 4th of July. I recommend it. It does a excellent job on dealing with two food allergies. It states about 50% of those who are food allergic are otherwise health so trip to ER is usually way allergy is discovered after eating the allergen. She mentioned that the other 50% have asthma, apotic derm. and slower time for parents to learn of the food allergy. I liked that her husband wrote some from the dad's point of view. I am still feeling like my situation is way out in left field (she didn't address these issues at all because that's not want she is dealing with with her son) My son is severely multipy food and severely multipy environmetnally allergic, has severe chronic atopic derm and asthma.- has all the high risk factors for severe reactions. My son's apotic derm. really has been our consant battle- I hope and pray that he can get off antibotic without major skin infection and that some normally fun childhood activities can be part of his childhood someday. Hopefully he can be in new treatment for his skin through John Hopkins in the fall.