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Posted on: Sun, 11/28/1999 - 2:04am
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Hi All,
I just joined the group and was so pleased to see there is demand for more children's books on the topic of anaphylaxis. I am an author and publisher who will be releasing a series of children's books dealing with health issues. Two of them educate and raise awareness about anaphylaxis (nuts and yellow jacket stings.) My 4 year old son is allergic to wasp stings. Chris will be reviewing the books, so I am sending her an advance copy of the manuscript. I will be making them available through and through if Chris and Patti find them to be suitable. If you'd like to help raise awareness, talk to your schools, teachers, librarians and bookstores about the books. It is called the Bedford Elementary Series. The titles are: The Princess And The Peanut (ISBN 0-9685983-1-5) and To Bee (or Not To Bee) (ISBN 0-9685983-3-1). Available in April or May 2000 (publication date not yet finalized).
I was also hoping to get sponsorship from a company to help finance the first print run. The company would get prominent full color exposure on the back cover. I have contacted Dey Laboratories who make the Epi-pen and they have not called back. Neither has Warner Lambert who makes Benadryl. I will now approach other companies such as Walmart who may be willing to support the effort. If any of you work for a company that has an interest in this type of public service, please, please help! The type of funding I would require is around $35,000 Cdn or $25,000 U.S. This would provide money for a major print run which would also reduce the unit cost of each book. It would also put an edorsement of the company on all books in the series. There are four books. Other topics include asthma and attention deficit disorder.

Each one of us is able to do something to help make this project come together.
Talk about it, network, publicize, find a sponsor, get media interested...etc..
I can be reached at [email][/email] or by phone at 613-824-8840
Thanks to all who try to help me make this happen!

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