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Posted on: Mon, 03/08/1999 - 4:55am
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Hi everyone. About 5 months ago my son 14 month old son ate a pb&j sandwich (about the 5th one) and broke out with large hives and welts on his face. A few days later he bit into a piece of chocolate candy and his lip swelled. I contact my pediatrician and he scheduled an appointment for the following Wednesday. The Sunday morning prior to his appointment, I fed him and egg. He began crying and his eyes swelled and he became lethargic and then unconscious. I called the pediatricians office and the answering service said someone would call me back in a while. I decided that a while would be too late and took him to the emergency room. At every red light I turned to shake him in his car seat in hopes of awakening him. When I arrived at the ER, I couldn't even speak. The nurse took him back immediately and after getting the information from me she gave him a shot and then some benadryl. Within minutes he became alert and oriented. Thank God. I explained the prior incidents with peanut butter but stated that all he had eaten was an egg. I picked him up and was holding him when he began reacting again. It was then that I realized that I had eaten a recees pb cup. They had me wash my hands and face thoroughly. The next day I took him to the pediatrician for allergy testing. They did a RAST test and the results came back scoring 3 for peanuts and to our surprise 4 for eggs. They said that he needed to wear a medic alert bracelet with Anaphylaxis to Peanut and Egg. I am so afraid of this and confused on the many types of names that peanuts and eggs have. I never want to find out how bad this can get. I am glad to have found this site.

Posted on: Mon, 03/08/1999 - 5:47am
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Hi Lynda, I used to live in Old Bridge about 3 years ago. I was there for about 7 years. I am in East Hanover and have a lead on a support group in Northern NJ. They will start meeting in about a month. I am probably 45 mins. north of you, and they are about 1/2 hour north of me. They said they would meet us half way. I have another friend in the next town who wants to join too. If you want I can let you know when we start meeting. I will also be in your area for a Karate tournament in a couple of weeks. ( Just behind East Brunswick mall at the Vo tech.) If you really need support I could stop in. i am new and trying to deal with this to, but it definitely seems to help to talk. You can come here too. I am sure we can work something out. Keep in touch. We are all there for each other.

Posted on: Mon, 03/08/1999 - 9:21am
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Hi Lynda--My son also has a peanut and egg allergy. As you will soon discover, an egg allergy is by far the hardest one to deal with. On the up side, in most cases an egg allergy will not be nearly as devastating as a peanut allergy. In your case; however, it sounds as if the egg allergy is severe.
For all us who have been discussing RAST and skin prick "scores" and if they are indicative of the severity of the reaction--this case is a good example. My son scores both a "4" on eggs and peanuts; however, his reactions are nearly this drastic--especially with the egg allergy. I guess you can never tell.

Posted on: Mon, 03/08/1999 - 10:54am
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Hi Lynda,
My son had his first reaction (a major reaction) when he was fourteen months to a pb cookie. (only one tiny bite). I got the same reaction from my pediatrician when I called him - he didn't even come to the phone but the nurse said to give him bendadryl - No other comment!! Fortunately, I realized this was serious (My son was also somewhat responsive but also vomiting) and I took him to a doctors office near my home. Thank God they responded appropriately. What is is with these pediatricians - do they need to go back to medical school to learn about this problem? Good luck and stay safe.

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