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I am a mom of a ds who has severe peanut allergies. We are making a school change this year, and I can not find my previously saved list of foods to keep out of the classroom and am hoping someone might be willing to share their list with me.

My son has in the past has had breathing trouble from someone just opening a peanut within 15 feet of him, so for us it is important that he be in a peanut free space (as best as we can maange - we know it wont be a guarentee, but we can try).

the one food I learned to add to the list is rice crispy bars (the prepackaged ones), we had a bad experience and best we can figure there was some cross contamination at the plant.

Thanks for any who can help.


On Aug 14, 2006

Hi, I don't have a list to share with you as we just found out just this week my daughter is tree nut and peanut allergic- but would like to ask a question. You mentioned rice crispy bars and a bad reaction- were these the kelloggs original/plain rice krispy bars? I just bought a box yesterday but haven't given them to my PA daughter yet. Thanks!

On Aug 14, 2006

yes, the kelloggs original plain rice krispy bars. This occured just prior to school getting out in June. They were purchaed in bulk from Costco.

When we called the company, they said they could not rule out cross contamination, but they were very sure it was not their food. They did however refund our money and send for the remaining packages for testing. They also sent a nice gift box of stuff for my son.

His reaction, after one bite was to grab his stomach and double over and start vomiting, he also broke out with hives around his mouth. A typicall reaction for him to peanuts.

Despite what the company claims, I would not chance it again. Now the only rice crispy bars he eats are the ones I make at home. Even then he is a tad aprehensive.

We have taken our share of ER rides from accidental exposure, and never again do I want to sit next to him and have him look at me with his big brown eyes and tell me sorry Mom, I have to die and then go non responsive. Some things are just not worth the risk.

He is 11 now, and we have been dealing with these allergies since he was 3 months old. It does get easier with age, but am reminded after reading through here how vigilant we really need to be.

His new school is wonderful about this, it is a charter school, and it looks like they are pushing for a peanut free school, I just asked for a peanut free classroom. This is the most amazing response I have gotten in 7 years of dealing with educators. It is going to be a great year!

On Aug 14, 2006

Thanks so much for the information! I am glad to hear you feel your son's school will be good this year!