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After two reactions (itchy mouth, hives, vomitting, difficulty swallowing/breathing) several years apart, I just recently completed some allergy testing. I am so confused about my results and what they mean for me.

From the skin prick tests, I only showed a slight positive (4mm) to peanuts. The doctor felt that was nothing to worry about. There was a tree nut sample, but nothing came up. I requested a blood test for brazil nuts because that is the only nut I don't eat regularly. I got a score of 3, described as moderate. The receptionist (who called with the results said that eating other nuts would be at my discretion.

I've never had problems with other nuts, do I need to avoid them all? It really seems like over-kill to be reading labels and avoiding products that "may contain" nuts.

I do have two epi-pens now.

Is there anything I need to know regarding food allergies and breastfeeding? I'm breastfeeding my six month old daughter right now.


On Oct 28, 2004

Hello Stefanie, I JUST noticed your post on brazil nuts after responding to a post, and its ironic becauses brazil nuts are the nut that i have had a severe reaction to all my life.

Im here for my sons peanut allergy, but I can tell you to just go by how YOU react to the nut. Stay away from the brazil nuts and dont look at the numbers. My reaction to brazil nuts are the same, feet eyes hands lips swelling and itching, triggering asthma for me and difficulty breathing. I havent had that kind of reaction in eons thank goodness because im an adult but imagine the kids! my goal is to get my son to an age where he can sufficiently protect himself with enough caution to avoid peanuts, and to carry an epipen on him. I breast fed my son as a matter of fact JUST am weaning him as we speak! 27 months, long enough, need to stop because im 14 weeks pregnant. I would not even eat anything nut whatsoever if i were you while you are bf, especially now. talk to you later hope that helped elizabeth

On Oct 29, 2004

Hi Stefanie, and welcome to the board.

I am allergic to peanuts, but as far as I know, not to nuts. However, I do avoid all nuts, and even trace amounts.

The reason in that peanuts and nuts are often stored together. Since I have had serious reactions to even trace amounts of my allergens, I don't want to risk trace amounts of peanuts being in something with nuts.

Maybe, avoiding even trace amounts is *overkill*. But, that's my choice for myself.

Read lots, ask lots of questions. And you will decide what is right for you. We all have subtle (and not so subtle) differences in how we deal with our allergies.

Regarding breastfeeding - my third child was born after I developed my allergies. I breast fed him. [img][/img]

With no problems.

Talk to your doctor about any antihistamines you may need to take. Some are considered safer then others.

btw, at the time I was breast-feeding, I was taking antihistamines [b]daily[/b]. I have allergies to peanuts and sesame seeds. He has an allergy to insect bites/stings. But so far, no known food allergies.

Have a great weekend. [img][/img]