new allergy...i think. and a couple questions

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my son (15 months old) who has allergies to peanuts, I think now has egg allergies, you know those frozen pancakes i think made by eggo waffles..anyway i made one for him fed him not even half, then he started getting what looked like hives on his face and neck. I read the ingredients and the only thing I could think of maybe it was the whole eggs that were in it. If a child is allergic to one food, then is there more of a possibility that he will be allergic to more and more?....I am very worried to feed him anything, for now untill I see the allergist, i am feeding him toddler babyfood that I know he has tolerated in the past.oh another question...does everycompany by law (in canada) have to put on a package if the product has nuts or may contain nuts? Thanks

On Jun 25, 2006

There are many people that are PA that are also egg allergic. I have read in the past that there is a shared protein between peanuts and eggs.

After I started visiting this site and noted how many PA people were also EA. I had my allergy doctor test me for EA and I have a low RAST positive to eggs.

I had noticed itching after I ate eggs.

On Jun 25, 2006

The pillsbury waffles do not have egg. Just milk and wheat. My son if also allergic to egg whites. He just grew out of the egg yolks. He loves them.

On Jun 25, 2006

If you are allergic to one food, then you have increased liklihood of being allergic to other foods just by nature of the fact that you have allergic tendencies.

Whew - that was a mouthful - I hope it was clear!


On Jun 25, 2006

The most common combination of food allergies among young children is EGG, MILK, PEANUT. My daughter was allergic to all 3 as an infant and toddler. She outgrew the egg and milk allergies around age 3. My son was allergic to eggs and milk as an infant. He appears to be outgrowing the milk allergy, and possibly the egg (we are going for testing next week.) He has never been exposed to peanut, but he tests negative for peanut allergy.


------------------ Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 3 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Jun 26, 2006

Milk was the 1st thing that I thought of, just because my son is allergic to dairy (not egg) and can't have the pancakes or waffles.

On Jun 27, 2006

Thank you everyone, This site is so helpful, This afternoon is my sons allergist appt., so I will know a little more of what he is and isnt allergic to. Thanks again.