New allergy to sunflower seed...


My DS did a new RAST test last week. The Dr office called yesterday to say he came back positve for sunflower seeds. I started doing research today on what to avoid: like sunflower oil & sunbutter.

Is there anyone currently dealing with this allergy, that wouldn't mind given me a quick list of thing to "avoid"?

***[i]My DS is also allergic to ALL nuts and annatto, but we have been dealing with this for a number of years.[/i]

On Aug 6, 2008

we recently got a sunflower diagnosis too, on our youngest.

basically almost every [b]potato chip [/b](and many corn chips, too) known to man is cooked in sunflower oil now. argh!

a lot of health food stores have sunflower in their [b]snacks and cereals. [/b]

[b]frozen potatoes [/b](hashbrowns/french fries) are precooked in sunflower oil.

it's a little more difficult to deal with this allergy, because it's not a "big 8." you'll have to probably do more calling of companies and checking out what "natural flavors" and that type of stuff means.

mostly it's an oil thing. sunflower is the new "healthy" oil that everything is getting cooked in. better than peanut; but, friend, i feel your pain. it seems like it's EVERYWHERE!

On Aug 6, 2008

Thank you for your response. Do you call the company of every product you use?

I went thru part of the pantry tonight and there are so many items with the sunflower oil in it: granola bars, chips, some gatorades, sunbutter & few cereals. I will have to finish the pantry tomorrow and then move on to the freezer. ugh...

I will have to take my DS to safeway and see if we can find something to replace his 'favors' with.

On Aug 7, 2008

i haven't done much calling yet, but our sunflower allergic one is only 2 and doesn't have a huge appetite or snack preference. we can keep it pretty minimal for her at this point.

but i have to say, having peanut and sunflower allergy together--we avoid nuts for son and sunflower for daughter--is a big old kick in the teeth. many peanut-free things have sunflower.

i'm sorry for the diagnosis. take heart, you're not alone. :)

btw, they are not exactly healthy, but we let them eat fritos for chips.

On Aug 9, 2008

Has your son eaten it before and got sick? Or is sunflower an oil that he has never had before?

I am curious because I have heard of people avoiding sunflower with a PA but I can't figure out why? Is it just common that pa and sunflower allergy are commmon together?

I don't think they are inthe same " family" right?

On Aug 9, 2008

He has never had a reaction to sunflowers seeds. He have never had any before. It just happen to be one of the items we where RAST testing for. As far as I can tell sunflower oil has never bothered him.

On Aug 10, 2008

I am confused.... are you sure your DS has NEVER had sunflower before? it is in a lot of stuff..( you said you had to throw away some of his favoite foods) If he has had sunflower oil before and has not had a reaction, I would check with the Dr and see if he has to avoid it.

I say this only because my son test allergic to tomato. He had been eating tomato all along with no problems. Tomato was on a standard panel so they left it on there. he test positive to tomato. My allergist said if he has been eating it with out any problems don't stop giving it to him.

Now, I am NOT suggesting that you give your son sunflower oil.... but if he has eaten it before I would check with the allergist to see if he should avoid now.

So in other words if he is having misterious reactions and you are trying to figure out what is causing it.. sunflower may be it. but if he was just doing a screening and it showed up I would clarify with your DR what you should or shouldn't eat.

On Aug 10, 2008

I would think the same thing. From what I have read there is still a possibility of getting false-positives even on the RAST and unless there is a reaction from what I have read there is no reason to remove the food. I too am NOT saying you should continue giving foods with sunflower seeds/oils, but I think it would certainly be worth checking into if you REALLY have to. Especially because it is in so many foods. Let us know if you find out anything from your dr.

On Aug 10, 2008

i just want to add that my allergist cautioned us about the sunflower allergy as soon as dd had the first reaction. she said that it is very uncommon but seems to be causing reactions similar to peanut. for example, first exposure - nothing, second exposure - red rash, third exposure - hives. our allergist thinks it is too similar to peanut to continue feeding.

sunflower is in a lot of foods. our dd had no problem eating chips cooked in sunflower oil, but got horrible hives from eating pure sunflower seed butter. we cut it all out as a precaution, just as we did with peanut.

be cautious as you navigate this allergy. it's very uncommon, so there's not a lot of information.