New allergy at age 5

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My 5 year old son recently had an allergic reation, but to what we were not aware. He had eaten fish, shellfish and peanuts at lunch then went to visit a friend that had 4 cats. Shortly after entering the home he announced that his face was burning and began breaking out in hive all over his face and neck. We took him to the doctor and all was fine. They sent his blood off for a test and turns out he is allergic to cats, fish/shellfish and peanuts. However the numbers on the shellfish and peanuts were below +1. He had peanut butter several times a week before this test came back. Is he in danger of a severe reaction?

By bluegray8 on Aug 19, 2012

If your child has eaten peanut butter prior to this allergic reaction and testing, it is actually very important that you fight to keep it in his diet! I am not advocating you have him eat it right now, but do get him into a qualified Pediatric Allergist and have them do an in office food challenge. It sounds like it may have been one of those "full bucket" reactions, in that you managed to hit on all of the things he is allergic to in one sitting. Do you have epipens? You should have them at least until you have a chance to challenge those foods at a doctor's office.

By erinmead on Aug 20, 2012

No I don't have them. I have an appointment with the doctor in 2 days. I am hoping that sisnce it was only a blood test instead of a skin one maybe we are dealing with an error. Luckily he has never had a respiratory reaction. He has always had a problem with skin breaking out in rashes. We had always assumed it was reactions to lotions or soaps. I feel like an idiot because I could have been missing the signs for years. Thanks for your advice. I feel so lost because I don't know anything about this.

By bluegray8 on Aug 24, 2012

How did your appointment go?