New Allergies for DD-Mustard!!

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Hi, just wanted to update that my DD had an SPT today for a suspected Mustard Allergy (RAST was negative) but SPT was VERY POSITIVE. In addition to the PA, we are now looking at the Mustard Allergy and I am finding that it makes a PA look like a walk in the park. Mustard hides behind terms like "spices and flavorings" so I am going to thave to take weeks off work to try and contact manufacturers.

for once, I would just like to know what it would be like to live one day without worry and fear...oh well I guess things could be worse!.

sorry for the ramble, just wanted to share.

On May 20, 2008

So sorry to hear about the new allergy. :( While I don't deal with that allergy, I can imagine this will remove quite a few foods for your dd. I sincerely hope that at least some of her favourites are not excluded. Let us know how it goes and vent when you need to!

On May 20, 2008

thank you as always skymom ;)

On May 21, 2008

We deal with mustard allergy too. I havent found it to be that bad in comparison with some of my son's other allergens.

For us, hotdogs bbq sauce and salad dressings are three products that often contain mustard.

Take care, Gina [url=""][/url]

On May 21, 2008

GinaC do you have an e-mail I can reach you at?

On May 21, 2008

Sure. Go to the website [url=""]HERE.[/url]

Take care,

Gina [url=""][/url]

On May 23, 2008

I recommend you join [url=""][/url] because there are others there who deal with mustard and can share good info with you. YOu are very smart to take this time and do the important work of contacting manufacturers. I also deal with some non-top 8 allergens and I found the hard way that I must contact all manufacturers of everything to be sure it is free of DS's allergens.