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Hi all. I am looking forward to getting as much information as I can on this site for my new peanut/tree nut allergy. I am allergic to fish and shellfish so I am used to having severe food allergies. However, the previous anaphalactic reactions were not as bad as the one I had a couple weeks ago. Took me by complete surprise as I have eaten nuts my entire life. I honestly thought it was my last day on earth. The last couple of weeks have been most interesting. I am glad this site is available. Thank you for your resources.

By BestAllergySites on Jun 8, 2009

Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis, but glad you found the site!

At least you have experience with food allergies and food avoidance-that will certainly help you in dealing with this.

It could just be me-but it seems more and more adults are now being diagnosed with food allergies to food they've eaten their entire lives.

There are quite a few people with your exact situation here as well.

Best of luck and feel free to ask any questions as they arise.