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Hi everyone! I am 35 and started reacting to peanuts earlier this year. I had a terrible itchy rash and then got obvious peanuts out of my diet and all was fine until a couple weeks ago. I had my first anaphylactic reaction and ended up in the ER. Since then, I have had several ana reactions to things previous safe (even after the rash started). It looks like I am reacting to smaller amounts of peanut contamination... sigh. I am currently really struggling with the level of research it will take to feel safe eating again and the overall impact this will have on my life. It sure will be character-building. I really appreciate the information from this site and the support of a forum like this. I am sure I will be posting more soon!

By BestAllergySites on Dec 14, 2009

MadeOfStars--weclome! I actually posted another post to you in another topic--the Orlando Fl one. I didn't see this one.

Anyway--just wanted to welcome you and let you know that if you have any questions--just ask! :)


By MadeOfStars on Dec 14, 2009

I actually have lots of questions but hopefully some will be answered once I get in to see the allergist today. I seem to be reacting to everything right now. I have not been able to eat anything since yesterday (except a can of Progresso soup) without having a reaction. Eggs, creamer for my coffee, potato chips, you name it and I have reacted to it. I am really freaking out, to be honest, but my appointment is in another few hours so I am sure I will survive that long. It will really help to know what is going on...

By diannek on Dec 15, 2009

Hi MadeOfStars, I actually responded to your other post regarding anyone in Orlando, FL also. I am local, in the altamonte area. Good luck with your appt today. Who is your allergist? Please update on how your appt went today. Perhaps we can connect in person.


By BestAllergySites on Jan 3, 2010

I didn't see any other post from you and I've been on vacation.

Were you able to make it to the allergist and what did you find out?