Posted on: Sun, 10/02/2005 - 9:01am
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I don't know what happenend to what I posted. Just found out my son is allergice to peanuts, soy, g. beans.
He reacted immediately to the skin test for the first two. The dr gave us an epi pen and a list of ingredients to avoid.
I don't know if I am in denial. I don't know how cautious to be. My husband is allergic anaphylaticly to elk and deer (to eat) and so I know what that looks like. My son had developed ecezma again and wanted him tested.
Up to this time he would not eat peanut butter, no matter how I tried to serve it. Do I tell my husband to get rid of all his snacks with nuts? Food in the fridge? can he touch surfaces with them? We wer eout of town and when we got home I saw the ecezma spead to his mouth, and it was getting better, but he was around peanut butter, things with trace nuts etc. HOw do I know how serious his allergy is> How do I know if it will get worse>?
My nephew is really allergic to most nuts so I have her for suport, but at this time, it feels weird, like it isn't real, it was a mixup. I did have to hold my sons hands for the 15 minutes for the testas soon as I owuld let go, he would try to start scratching. I have so many questions.

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