Never had a a reaction

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My son is was diagnosed (by skin test) at 10mo with a peanut allergy. He had moderate eczema which is why we had him tested for food allergies. He is now almost 5 and has never had anything with peanuts as we know. He has always been a low Class 1. Last year he was .17 and this year it came back a little higher at .37. My question is does he really have a peanut allergy? Is it possible that these test could be wrong?

Any advice or experience we be appreciated.

Thanks, Kristal

By Terismom99 on Jun 27, 2012

My daughter was diagnosed at 3 1/2 after her lip swelled after eating a pb sandwich. She's 12 now and has never had another reaction. We get her tested every two years and since 2006 her results have gone from .75 to 2.38 (on a scale of 0-62) We're currently going to a naturopath to see if we can desensitize her body a little. Even though she's never had another reaction, the fact that just ONE reaction could possibly kill her is enough to not take a chance.