Nestle\'s Chocolate chips for cookies - Peanut Allergy Information

Nestle\'s Chocolate chips for cookies

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I just went to Target the other day and noticed that Nestle has mint choc. chips for cookies, and almost bought them. But, I read the package just to be safe and there was the may contain thing. It doesn't say that on the regular semi sweet choc chips.

Just to let you guys know!

On Nov 6, 2006

As far as I know the semi-sweet chocolate chips are o.k. (12 oz. & 8 oz) The milk chocolate chips are not safe either. Good thing you read the label.

On Nov 6, 2006

I would not assume at all that Nestle was safe all the time. I calle them, and was told that they do occasionally process on a line that has had nuts/pn, and that it will be labeled if that is the case.

Also, the giant bags of their choc chips found at Sams and Costco have a warning.

On Nov 7, 2006

I used to feel safe with all plain nestle chocolate bars, and thank God the mini bars have ingredients on them -- the ones my daughter received on Halloween have a warning about almonds.

On Dec 16, 2006

I called Nestle and discussed this at length with the Consumer Affairs person. After going through the standard company rhetoric, I was told that they recently decided to put the nut warning on because in another room , on another line, they make products that may contain nuts.

There was no warning on the bag (from Sam's) we just finished, but there was on the new bag, but I also noticed it had the same plant number (I guessed it was a plant number and was right).