Nestle Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix


Is this safe for PA?

Thanks, Jan

On Dec 5, 2005

Hi, I called the company today and they assured me that the hot chocolate was safe. As well, they said if there was pn/tn or chance of contamination they would put an alert on the box.

Cheers, Gilli

On Dec 5, 2005

Thank you! Does this include the mix that comes in the can's?

On Dec 5, 2005

I reraised a thread for you on when I called Nestle. If in doubt, call Nestle yourself, they are really helpful and well informed.


------------------ 30-year old survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

By BettyBoop on Jan 11, 2011

Anyone have any more info on this? my kids school just sent a note -I need instant hot chocolate with mini marshmallows TODAY - I can't find a picture of the label anywhere.

By cervonil on Jan 11, 2011

I buy the Nestle hot cocoa mix with marshmallows. there are May contain allergy warnings on it, but not peanut/tree nut.

By BettyBoop on Jan 11, 2011

Thanks! I did call Nestle -amazingly they open for calls at 8am! and it has a processed on equipment warning for soy and wheat.

By sfo on Feb 28, 2013

I called the company about this today, for the "rich chocolate" flavor. They said that there were no nuts, but was in a facility that has nuts.