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My husband had a friend pick up two boxes of KitKats for our daughter up in Canada. He got KitKat minis and the regular bars. Now there is no mention of peanuts/tree nuts anywhere on the box or on the bars, but I thought that Nestle Canada put a seal on their candies that stated they were safe for those with peanut allergies and these don't have it.

I guess my question is do you know if these are safe for those with pn/tn allergies even if they don't have the seal?

I am a little leary of letting her have them yet.

Thanks, Anne

On Nov 16, 2007

OOOOH send us some! Yes, I believe they are safe. I have ordered them from the peanut free planet and we love them. I am planning to order some more and get the mars bars. Those are the favorite. They are like milky ways. Its so cool to have "forbidden" candy that is safe.

On Nov 16, 2007

Yes, they are safe, as long as they don't have a may contain statement on the wrapper. I think the bags of the mini bars come with some sort of peanut free/safe to share statement on the bag, but they don't put it on the individual bars. The large bars don't have anything on them to indicate that they are specifically peanut free. Nestle does make some varieties of kitkat/caffee crisp/smarties with peanut butter in them, and some of the "limited edition" flavours will have a may contain statement, but these are made a seperate facility, and are always very clearly marked as containing peanuts.

On Nov 19, 2007

Not all Nestle are safe, they even say to read labels always, they do make a peanut smartie so I would use extreme caution, I look for the safety seal or do not buy. I would call .

On Dec 8, 2007

Nestle Canada does not have a "seal" on all the products that are safe. BUT... the regular kit kat bars and the dark chocolate kit kat bars ARE safe. They often have an allergy statement that says "may contain salt or yeast." I eat kit kats regularly without a problem... mmmm..