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Does it make you more nervous to read about other people's reactions? Does it make you more diligent in dealing with your own self or child, or does it just scare you to death??

On Oct 10, 2003


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On Oct 10, 2003

Scared to death? No, this site did not make me scared to death. My son's PA scares me to death. This site helps me to realize we are not alone and that I am needed to help others. My son is 18.

I have been a pioneer since my son was diagnosed in Kindergarten. I would have given anything to have this kind of support and that is why I stick around even when it gets a bit scary.

I take a break now and then and I stay away from the obvious letters that mean trouble.

But this site does not scare me, this site and the information it contains is a godsend!


On Oct 11, 2003

This site was a godsend when I first learned of my then 18 month old's peanut allergy. I got the info I needed to help keep her safe. But after awhile I did get disturbed by reading about reactions and problems with friends and with schools - some of which I didn't even need to be worrying about yet. It was also disturbing to me at the time that people disagreed with each other and were even sometimes nasty to each other. I took about a 2 year break from the site, although any time I had a specific question I came here. I guess I have toughened up a bit - or maybe it is that Kelsey is in school now and I need new info - but I'm back to reading the site regularly.

On Oct 11, 2003

It definitely makes me more diligent. I haven't been on the board very frequently and when I got a chance to catch up on threads, I started calling manufacturers again.

Then again, it makes me more nervous. Human nature to think that just b/c it happened to one person, it will happen to my PA child also. So, I take a step back and take everything with a grain of salt too.

On Oct 12, 2003

I got to be honest, on a day to day routine, I don't even think about PA and other food allergies. If we're taken out of the routine, then yes, but other than that? It's not something tha governs our lives at all.

I quit buying manufactured food, and went organic, and "raw" (for lack of a better word" ingredients. For a lot of the stuff we buy, I know the farmers/producers individually. All we eat is made by me, from scratch. And that's the routine now. We've never eaten this well ;-)

On Oct 13, 2003

I think that reading about others reactions keeps me on my toes. However, it does make me a little nervous as well. I mean that in a good way because otherwise I might get too lax.

On Oct 13, 2003

I must admit when I first found this site and began to read the threads I was scared to death for my dd life.

I said to my self they are over reacting.That won't happen to my dd. As time went on and littleV began to react and I educate my self(THANKS TO PA.COM)I have come to relize you are not over reacting.This is what is happing to our kids.

Some are touch sensitive,some are inhaled sensitive,and then we have the ingestion go straigt to the Epi-Pen.

Nervous? Yes but I am learning to deal with it,and how to keep her safe thanks to PA.Com

I have a child that is highly allergic,so what I didnot believe last year I now know better.

Love this site Synthia