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I called the allergist today to get my son zyrtec refilled and thought I would check on that blood test done over the summer to see what the actual number was. How about 0. I was on my cell at Trader Joe's with a friend and I am sure everyone in the store thought someone had died. I in no way obviously expected to hear the word negative. I am still crying tears of joy just imagining the possibility. The nurse scheduled the first available appointment for jan 2. I called back and said I will take the first doctor available any time any where. I had the option for 830 or 9 am tomorrow but my son has 2 tests he has studied for so I picked 2pm. Hope I can sleep tonight.

On Dec 7, 2007

I hope this is the happiest of New Years. How funny to be in Trader Joes --- label reading??? I will think of you on Jan 2

On Dec 8, 2007

OMG!!!! What wonderful news!!!! How did the follow-up appt go? Any new news????? You must be over-the-top HAPPY!

On Dec 8, 2007

I called the doctor back and asked for any doctor anytime anywhere. As of 2:36pm yesterday, SPT test also negative. His dad and I cried tears of joy as did my son. Monday I will be scheduling a food challenge to confirm what I already believe.

I never thought I would be one of "them". But I'm glad I am.

I think it was the happiest day of my life.

On Dec 8, 2007

That is truly so exciting! Remind me of your son's history? It seems that he is a little older, and has tested as high as 4+ on the RAST in the past? That is so amazing that he's outgrown the allergy!!!

On Dec 10, 2007

He had 3 other prick test all at 4+. Never had a rst before. He is 10 and I only became educated about 4 years ago so I just listed to his doctor and moved on. I never would have had 3 spt test with what I know now(its and exposure). Most of his reations were violent vommitting. His last one was at 5 1/2 and we thought his throat was closing but he vommitted and it stopped. Over the summer we tested his envrionmental allergies and they are all gone too as well as eczema. I will let you know when the food challenge is scheduled.

On Dec 10, 2007

I'm so excited for you!!! My PA DS has eczema too and it just so encouraging that your DS is growing out of it!! I'm prepared for this to be life-long, but it is also nice to have just a glimmer of hope that mmmmmaaaaaaayyyyyyybeeeeeee it won't be. I can't wait to find out how the challenge goes! Will he be doing the challenge at a hospital just incase? Or at the allergist? My fingers and toes are crossed for you!

On Dec 14, 2007

Well, unfortunately, I can not get a food challenge done until Jan 8th. Our doctor is the only one in the area who does food challenges, everyone else is sent off to duke and it takes several hours and they claim they assign a nurse to us specifically the whole time. I told them I could give an epi and yell out in the hall for help because I want to do it NOW! will let you all know.

On Dec 14, 2007

I hope the time passes quickly for you until Jan 8th! I can't wait to find out how it goes. I'm still keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you that it goes perfectly well! How exciting!

On Dec 14, 2007

Congratulations. That is wonderful news. I wish you well with the January testing. I love to hear news such as yours. Most people will probably not outgrow, therefore, its sort of living vicariously through your celebration as well as being so happy for you.

On Dec 14, 2007

Hi all,

I will be blogging about this later tonight, post name to be 'Eggcellent News' but thought I would get some perspective here first. My wife spoke with our allergist today and it seems that after about two years our 33 month old daughter is NO LONGER ALLERGIC TO EGGS!

This is huge ... I can relate to the tears of joy in Trader Joes! Looks like it might be time to dust off the omelet recipes.

There is an interesting wrinkle though ... I understand skin prick test to be more reliable for incidence than severity, but our allergist is perplexed by a low total IgE for peanut allergy while the skin prick test yielded a 14mm wheal.

She is going to hold off on further blood tests for 1-2 years for peanut but we have an egg challenge next week.

Perhaps we will be lucky enough to have Madeleine outgrow both egg and peanut ... fingers crossed!


On Jan 5, 2008

reraising to say the big day(the challenge) is Tuesday. My son is very excited. He has a calender in his room with it circled and every so often he will blurt out...only four more days!!! I am too but a little nervous. will let you all know how it turns out

On Jan 9, 2008

Just curious. Is your son on any other meds besides Zyrtec? Singulair?


On Jan 11, 2008

Just wondering if you had any news yet????? I was so excited to read your story. It is very encouraging to me.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!!!

On Jan 12, 2008

fingers crossed for you.. My DS outgrew his egg allergy! Therese

On Jan 24, 2008

Just wondering if you have any results yet???

On Jan 24, 2008

Originally Posted By: mom2lily&thomas

Just wondering if you have any results yet???