negative blood test !!


Hi Everybody, I seldom post, but have been reading this board for the past 4 years. All of you have helped me tremendously! Would you help me once again? My allergist's nurse called today with the news that my blood test is now NEGATIVE for peanut! (first test in 4 yrs) It is not the RAST, but a newer test. I am sorry I do not know what it is called. My follow-up appointment is not until next month. What is my next step/questions for my doc? I am not about to run out and buy any peanut butter anytime soon, but, am happy that maybe I can RELAX and enjoy food again or go to a movie without being so paranoid. Thanks again. I trust all of you to steer me in the right direction.

On Mar 7, 2007

Maybe skin prick test next? A food challenge if the prick is negative? Did you develop PA as an adult? What were your past reactions like?

Negative blood test- great news for you!

On Mar 7, 2007

Yes. I developed this allergy when I turned 42. I was told that sometimes allergies develop with hormonal changes (Sorry if that was too much information!. I had anaphylactic reactions including hives,violent intestinal reactions, rapid drops in blood pressure, swelling of mouth. Have had severe environmental allergies all of my life but this had really pulled the rug out from under me. I think a skin prick test sounds like a good idea...Thanks!

On Mar 7, 2007

Mobobbie, AM I HEARING YOU CORRECTLY?? You have onselt-adult PA and your blood test is now NEGATIVE?

That means there's hope for ME!

I'm 57, was dx two years ago but probably had PA for quite a few years prior to the diagnosis.

PLEASE keep us posted! This is the best PA news (for me) that I've heard in a LONG time! thanks, Adele

On Mar 7, 2007

Thank you for the news, McBobbie!!

That give us PA Adults HOPE.

I was diagnosed at 34, almost 36...nearly two years ago.

Keep us posted!

On Mar 7, 2007

I had read about children outgrowing PA, but, not of any adults. Because I had developed it so late I had resigned myself to living with this allergy for the rest of my life. Not doing any cartwheels yet, but, am certainly planning my approach! I am glad you are encouraged and will most definitely keep you posted!!!

On Mar 7, 2007

That's fabulous!!

Was it an ImmunoCAP test? That's what my doctor uses.

Wow--you've jut given a lot of adult onset FA folks a ray of hope. Thank you.

On Mar 7, 2007

You are giving me hope for my dd. She is almost 12 and her numbers are falling. I really did not think she would outgrow though due to her age. You are giving me hope she might outgrow. Keep us posted!