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Three nights ago my pa ds broke out in hives on his neck. He hadnt eaten anythng diff. and we finally figured out it might have been from his father touching his neck after petting dogs. Gave benedryl he was fine.

Last night he ate Frito Lay KC Masterpiece BBQ chips, and came up to get me to put chapstick on his lips. I looked at him and above his top lip it was all red and splochy, I dont know if I would call them hives. He has eaten these so many times before. I gave him benedryl again, and eventually it cleared up. No other symptoms.

He just got out of the tub and has one hive starting on his chest and one on his forehead. I am at a loss. Im ready to cry because I cant figure out what it is. Im so scared he is developing soy allergy. He tested slightly positive on his last skin test so the allergist said to just watch and see. Hes never shown any symptoms.

Any ideas? Weve never had to use the epi and I dont want to start.

On Dec 21, 2003

momma2boys, how is your son? How are you?

Okay, why do you think it's soy? (There's a reason I'm asking.)

Is your son's immune system compromised with a cold or asthma flare-up or anything right now or he's just his regular self except for what is happening?

I have a friend, another PA parent, who I believe her child did test positive to soy when allergy testing was done, but she has been having a heckuva time lately with her child breaking out in hives. She suspected, for whatever reason, that it was soy. So, her son has been on a soy elimination diet, but I believe only when his immune system is compromised with a cold. We were just speaking about it the other day because soy seems to be in EVERYTHING nowadays.

I really think that because it's in everything, we're going to see a drastic increase, if we aren't already, in the number of soy allergies. And, when I wrote to Anaphylaxis Canada, they did say something about PA and soy, but only particular kinds of soy or something that I didn't really understand. I'll try to find that thread and re-raise it for you so you can have a look at it and see if it makes sense to you. There seems to be some soy products that are *okay* and some that aren't, which, of course, confused me, but perhaps not others.

Is your son allergic to dogs?

Was there soy in whatever he ate yesterday (the KFC item)?

And what about to-day?

Sorry if I just deluged you with questions, but I honestly find it amazing that you thought soy right off the bat and was wondering why you thought that.

It's also funny because yesterday when I went to buy margarine, as I bought the 100% soy one, I thought, you know, one day I might not be able to do this (not that I was thinking Jesse is going to become allergic, but just something about soy all around, I don't know how to explain it). I am seriously thinking of just going back to butter period.

Please let us know how he is and how you are. Big hugs. [img][/img]

Happy Holidays! [img][/img]


On Dec 21, 2003

momma2boys, I re-raised the Anaphylaxis Canada thread that had this information re soy in it. Then, I thought you might not think to look in the thread because it doesn't say anything in the title about soy allergy.

I do disagree with what Dr. Salter said with regard to Jesse. I don't think it was soy for him. I do believe it was PA related (the two mystery reactions she discussed with me). But this is only because, as I posted above, soy is in everything, we haven't avoided it, I just bought 100% soy margarine and Jesse has no difficulties whatsoever. So that's why I didn't think what she said held true for Jesse. It may, however, hold true for a lot of other people. Anyway, here's what she wrote specifically re soy:-

1. About your son specifically, you mentioned that he had had some 'mystery' reactions. It sounds as though, for the most part, you have both done a great job of avoiding peanut protein. Have you considered that there might be additional things to which is reacting? That it is not only peanut? Have you had your son tested for other things? Something that we are seeing more and more commonly amongst PA kids is a cross reactivity to certain soy products. Skin testing to soy is often negative, but skin testing to soy protein isolate is positive. The reactions are milder than the peanut reactions ... something perhaps to consider ... might be worth re-examining the cake mix, other things ingested at school, etc. You mentioned cross contact ... did you have the product tested for peanut protein? Could there have been something else ion the mix?

Happy Holidays! [img][/img]


On Dec 21, 2003

momma2boys this is so weird.

Little V did the same thing the other night.

She broke out on her neck and in the back of her neck by her ear,a few minutes later she broke out on her arm and started to spread into a bigger area.All of this happened after her bath.She was off zyrtec for 4 days for allergy testing.Needless to say we had to put her back on zyrtec and cancel her testing,and reschedule for a future date.

The only thing I can think of is the soap. I was using Nutragena(SP?)soap and ran out and had to use Dove which has sweet almond oil in it.She had not eaten anything new.

I hope you find out what it is. Did you change his soap? Does he have a dog allergy?

Keep a log of his reactions and possible cause.I have been doing this for Little V.

Good luck,and let us know what you find out Love this site Synthia

On Dec 21, 2003

Cindy, Hi, im fine, just worried about why he is breaking out so much. My son is fine too. I think the reason I though of soy right off, is because he did test mildly positive, and like you said soy is in everything.

There was soy of some form in the chips he ate, and yes he is pretty allergic to dogs. Tonight he had a salami sandwich and jello pudding. Oh ****, you know what, he initially asked for a turkey sandwich, which I made, but then he saw his brothers salami and wanted that instead. I took the turkey off is bread and put on salamil. He never had that turkey before . It was Honeysuckle mesquite. Damn, I didnt think of that. I wonder if something was in it. Have to check that out.

Actually he is also getting over a pretty bad chest cold, (that I had as well for over 2 weeks) and they thought he had pneumonia in both lungs. X-rays were normal though. He did a course of zithromax(antibiotic) and just has the lingering cough.

On Dec 21, 2003

Synthia, that is weird. I havent changed soap, and yes he does have a dog allergy. Does little V have exczema? I did as a child and since then there are a LOT of soaps I cannot use. I am very sensitive to the smell of a lot of things too.

Cindy, most of the stuff they tested my son for was environmental. He did test positive to egg, but subsequent tested show he appeared to outgrow it. Our idiot allergist at the time had us challenge him at home(if only I knew what I know now!) and he gagged on it and puked it on the floor. I still treat him as egg allergic.

Thanks so much for your help guys!

On Dec 21, 2003

i will raise this question sep. but I just looked at the bag of chips and they have mesquite flavoring as well. coincidence? Anyone have a problem with or know whats in mesquite flavoring?

On Dec 21, 2003

momma2boys, I would definitely raise that as a separate question. Quite frankly, I don't even know what the he** mesquite is! [img][/img]

I do remember one member here who didn't buy deli meat and made their own deli style turkey at home because they didn't feel okay about buying deli meats because of PA. They did have a *good* reason for their family. I just can't remember who.

This is an odd question from someone who has had environmental allergies all of their lives - wait, maybe it doesn't need asked. I remember reading here about a member's child that was anaphylactic to cats and I remember being shocked. And a cat would be considered an environmental allergy. As I said, I've had environmental allergies all of my life and the only ways that they've manifested themselves are in things to do with my nose/sinuses/headaches.

But then, again, in thinking, Jesse had an experience this last summer I'm not even sure if we posted about it or not, but he had been playing in grass quite roughly and he broke out in such severe hives that I rushed him over to the E.R. and was ready to use the Epi-pen. It was just bizarre (and made equally more bizarre because I had rushed his sister the same week to the E.R. after she was stung by a bee on her lip).

So, I guess, Dad touching him after petting a dog could make your son break out in hives, I've just been fortunate that that's not what happens with my E.A.'s (yet, touch wood).

But the mesquite thing. Hmm.....

I'm going to do a search here and then I'll see if I can get a web search in as well.

Happy Holidays! [img][/img]


On Dec 21, 2003

Cindy, it was actually my non Pa son who had the ana. to cats.

I did a search here and found nothing for mesquite, but on a web search it says something about mesquite trees being related to pollen allergies.

Im going to have to look into it , and keep track of everything he eats.

On Dec 21, 2003

Ah ha, so *my* search turned up just a couple of tidbits that your search did not turn up! [img][/img] At least we were both working towards a common goal! [img][/img]

I hope it's the mesquite.

I'll re-raise the Cross-Reactive thread as well.

Happy Holidays! [img][/img]


On Dec 21, 2003

Thanks Cindy, and btw I dont know if you saw or not, but my ds had his first box of Smarties last night, thanks to grandma, and his first Aero bar tonight. If I had let him he would've demolished the entire king size bar! He loved it!!!

Im sure glad he didnt break out in hives after either one of those, we would've been heartbroken!

On Dec 22, 2003


Originally posted by synthia: [b]Keep a log of his reactions and possible cause.[/b]

I think this is an excellent idea/reminder. When things are "calm" I forget about keeping a food/reaction log. But it was very helpful for me years ago when Mariah was having multiple "mystery" reactions.

momma2boys, you might also consider taking photographs of your ds. Pictures, plus the log, might come in handy if you end up consulting with your allergist on this.

Thinking of you and your ds...

On Dec 22, 2003

Hi, my son is also allergic to peanuts and dogs (and dairy, eggs), and has recently gotten hives when the neigbor's dog licked his hand (no reactions from previous contact). In addition to the dog allergy, I know others have posted on other threads that unfortunately, some dog food brands are made with peanuts as an ingredient - wonder if some of that may have ended up on your son.

On Dec 22, 2003

Gail,thanks for your input, I am keeping a log of his reactions. Did you also keep track of everything she ate all the time?

Andy, The dog food is one thing Im looking into, i know my fil uses Ol' Roy dog food and Ive been looking online for an ingredient list, but I cant find one. I'll have to go look at the actual bag. thanks!

On Dec 22, 2003


Originally posted by momma2boys: [b]Gail,thanks for your input, I am keeping a log of his reactions. Did you also keep track of everything she ate all the time? [/b]

Yes. During a one year time frame Mariah had some 25 or so reations. I ended up just keeping a daily food intake log since it was just easier for me that way. We had another child that year and I was very sleep deprived. So the food/reaction log was a necessity because I couldn't remember details from one allergist appointment to the next. [img][/img] I do remember that based on the log we tried an "elimination diet", but it didn't reveal anything that allergy testing hadn't already identified~ tho I suppose it may have ruled something out.

The log was very, very helpful in working with our allergist. The sheer number of reactions combined with my memory loss would have made it very difficult for me to have answered any of his questions without such record keeping.

I hope you will keep us posted, momma2boys, on your ds. And I hope you enjoy these precious days leading to Christmas.


On Dec 22, 2003

momma2boys, off topic, but it's late again. I had to go to the walk-in clinic tonight, as you know (and asked about, thank-you [img][/img] ). At any rate, as I purchased an Aero Caramel for myself, a regular Aero for Ember which said Ho Ho on it and something about Santa, and Rolos for Jesse, all from Nestle, all safe, I just can't believe that we can't get these products into America for our dear friends anymore.

I am so pleased that your son enjoyed the Smarties and the Aero from Grandma. Does she live in Canada?

I remember Jesse's JK/SK teacher. She was from Kentucky. She said that she preferred M&M's (plain) better than Smarties but I've found that I like Smarties better (even pre-PA) because they're not as harshly sweet (if that makes sense). To me, M&M's are more like American Sixlets and although I can scarf a box of them down, I do feel rather sick after doing so, which I don't with Smarties. Then, of course, I have that OCD thing I do with Smarties, or did, pre-children, and I was one of the children whose letter was published in the Anaphylaxis Canada newsletter writing about their love of Smarties (Cindy, age 42), which I learned about after Cayley's Mom posted it here. [img][/img]

It really just saddens me that something that could bring so much joy to a child can be so readily/easily had by one country and now, because of Homeland Security, not by yours. [img][/img]

I'm glad your guy like the products. Question re the Aero and Smarties, I didn't check labels tonight - do they have soy in them?

Hope you and your son are feeling better. [img][/img]

Happy Holidays! [img][/img]


On Dec 23, 2003

Gail, 25 reactions in one year! and you never figured out what to? You know you have to wonder about all the artificial crap and preservatives in food too.

Im impressed though, that is a lot of work to do with a new baby.

I will keep you posted and hope you have a Merry Christmas.

On Dec 23, 2003

Cindy, you're a step ahead of me. I just checked the box of favourites. Both Coffee Crisp and Kit Kat have Hydrogenated Soybean Oil and Soya Lecithin, and Aero and Smarties have Soya Lecithin.

I am thinking it has to be the mesquite. If it was soy I think he would be reacting to it all the time as it is in everything.

I feel bad too that you can no longer ship choc. out, but both Gail and I have ordered since and got decent prices and pretty quick shipping. Just for the heck of it , if I were to ask you to buy me a box of favourites how much would it be for you to buy and ship total. Maybe we can find the place that has the closest price for people to order from.

On Dec 23, 2003


Originally posted by momma2boys: [b]Synthia, that is weird. I havent changed soap, and yes he does have a dog allergy. Does little V have exczema? I did as a child and since then there are a LOT of soaps I cannot use. I am very sensitive to the smell of a lot of things too.[/b]

Yes she does some times really bad. She also is really sensitive to smells. She also has allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma

We do keep a log and still donot know what the reaction is from.She does keep us guessing.

I remmember the day of her second testing(skin)they were going to skin test for Peanut but after telling them of her reaction from her sister kissing her on the cheek after eating pbj at school they took that test off, we all agreed we all ready now the answer to that test. Ten minutes I know we have a very allergic child,and the allergiest saying "on a scale of 1-10 she is way over 10,and we have a very allergic child".

I did get the Netrogena soap today. Love this site Synthia [img][/img]

edited to add Little V will not eat anything that has smoked flavor of any kind in it.

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On Dec 27, 2003

Synthia, Poor little V! The only thing I can say to you that I hope will help, is that I was also very allergic as a child. I have outgrown most of my food allergies and a lot of environmental ones did get better. Hopefully little V will outgrow some of her allergies, even if peanut isnt one of them.

Does she take a daily allergy medicine to control them?

On Dec 30, 2003

I know this is late, but mesquite is a tree (bush?) that grows in the south/southwest. I am highly allergic to it as well as PA - imagine my suprise when I recently found out that mesquite and peanut are related - hmmm so THAT explains it! Some mesquite flavorings bother me others don't - I guess it's whether they have any real mesquite or just artificial.


On Dec 30, 2003

Rebekah, I know, I was pretty surprised too. Who would think they would be connected in any way? Thanks for letting me know that he isnt alone! He wont be happy that he cant eat his favorite BBQ chips though.

On Dec 31, 2003


Originally posted by momma2boys: [b]Synthia,

Does she take a daily allergy medicine to control them?[/b]

Yes,She was on clartian for a year or so and now she is on Zyrtec once a day.

How ever,on the 29 of Dec. she was back at the doctors office congested and coughing.

She was DX with a cold and now we have her off the zyrtec and back on (phenyl chlor-tan)generic for (rynatan ped susp)and nebulizer once in the moring and once at night so the cold does not settel in the lungs.Not to mention the testing has to be postponed until she is over this. She has broken out twice in the last week on her left arm from a unknow source,bendryl cream does help on the rash.

rebekahc, momma2boys

Where is the info on mesquite and peanut are related? is there a link? Thanks Love this site Synthia [img][/img]

On Dec 31, 2003

Synthia, if you do a search on google for mesquite you will find info that it is a member of the legume family, it has bean pods growing on it, and here is the info about correlation with legume allergies:

About 1.1% of Americans are allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, or both. Allergic reactions to peanuts or tree nuts account for the majority of fatal or near fatal food induced anaphylactic reactions. Peanuts are legumes and the sera of peanut-allergic individuals commonly contain IgE antibodies, which cross-react with similar proteins in other legumes such as apricots. However, less than 15% of such peanut-allergic patients react clinically to other member of the legume family (1). When reactions to other legumes do occur they are generally not severe. Therefore, complete avoidance of other legumes is not mandatory. Rather, a cautious trial of ingesting progressively larger amounts of non-peanut legumes is reasonable if desired by the family. It may be advisable to do such ingestion trials under close medical supervision.

Although peanuts are not true nuts, about 35% of peanut-allergic individuals are allergic to tree nuts or will develop such allergies (1). It was formerly thought that peanut allergy persisted life long in all cases. However, more recent studies have shown that clinical peanut allergy is lost in adolescence/adulthood in about 20% of cases particularly if such individuals have low levels of peanut specific IgE antibodies (<5kU/L) (1,2). Therefore, children with such low levels of peanut specific IgE antibodies can be periodically and cautiously re-evaluated to see if they have outgrown their peanut allergy.

Peanuts which are dry roasted at high temperatures are actually more allergenic, possibly because of an increased release of allergenic proteins, than are peanuts boiled or fried at somewhat lower temperatures. This may explain the higher incidence of peanut allergy in the USA (where peanuts are generally dry roasted) than in China where peanuts are consumed as much but are usually boiled or fried in preparation.

References 1. N Eng J Med 2002; 1294-99 2. Curr Opin Pediat 2001; 13:517-22

On Jan 2, 2004

Is your son egg allergic? The lite/low fat version of KC Masterpiece chips contains egg. The regular does not.