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Need testing advice!

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I have a sixteen year old son who was diagnosed before his 1st birthday as milk, egg and peanut allergic. He would break out in hives anywhere the offending food touched his skin. The reaction always appeared within a couple of minutes and was gone within an hour. By his third birthday he had outgrown milk and egg and has consumed them ever since. We have always followed a strict avoidance diet for the peanut. Suddenly, in the last 6-8 weeks he has had two accidental ingestions of peanut. There was NO reaction either time! A skin test a year ago showed he was still allergic but we haven't done a RAST in about 10 years. I'm not as up on current research as I was when he was younger, but our allergist believes "once allergic, always allergic." And I've always agreed. Now I'm starting to wonder. This is exactly what led us to discover he had outgrown the milk and egg 13 years ago. I'd love to hear the opinions and advice some of you might have who may have traveled a similar path! Thank you SO very much!

By smithdcrk on Mar 12, 2015

When blood work showed my daughter's antibody levels dropping dramatically on several foods over the years, he suggested an oral challenge.

An oral challege is a specific method of re-introducing an outgrown or suspect allergen. The food is introduced in gradually increasing doses over the course of several hours. Then you hang out just to make sure there will be no delayed reaction.

We were lucky. She had outgrown those allergies. But if she were going to have an allergic reaction, the only better place would have been the ER! She knew these nurses and the doctor and trusted them.

PS bring enough to share with the staff. Mary Poppins recommended a "spoonful of sugar ..." Our test was several years back and the nurses still remember us as the "homemade chocolate candy" family. We prefer chocolate as the base :-)