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I would greatly appreciate statistics & their documented sources on peanut/tree-nut reactions (especially in a high school setting). My allergy doc. did give me a letter documenting my dd's allergies justifying the need for a 504 plan and simple guidelines outlining responsibilities of the school/parent/child from the Food Allergy Network. The district, however, has already told me it will be difficult to get permission for her to carry a cell phone (because they are banned due to some students using them to stay in touch with drug dealers & selling drugs on campus....even though hers would be an inexpensive Tracfone left turned off...for emerg. use only...And no meds. allowed to be carried on campus. A guidance counselor told me that lots of students have them on campus, however.

When I told the 504 rep. that it is likely more students die each year from food allergies at school than shootings, her eyes widen...That kind of info. brings a perspective they can understand.

I was told they would try to have a 504 meeting before school started (but couldn't promise anything) since the teachers come back on Aug. 14...and school starts Aug. 20..and they have other meetings to attend. Several weeks ago I was told it would be handled in about a week!

Any documented sources would be appreciated...

On Aug 9, 2007

Check here for information on the right to carry emergency medication at school.


As far as the cell phone ban goes, that is the whole point of having a 504--exceptions can be made to the cell phone ban for students who have a medical need to have the cell phone. Point out that part of your job as a parent is to help your child learn to manage her allergy. Any adult with a life-threatening allergy should carry a cell phone at all times. You are trying to teach your daughter this important habit. The same goes for always having medication with her.


------------------ Mom to 8 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 4 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

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