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Hey Everyone. I'm in the 9th grade in a program called IB. It's an internationally recognized program for gifted students. Anyway, each student has something called a personal project, which is due in t heir 10th grade year and shipped off to the IB Headquarters in Geneva. For my Personal Project, i've decided to research and get to know more about the peanut allergy. I'm even thinking about making a documentary about PA Awareness. Anyway, I had an idea pop in my head. Those livestrong bracelets are really popular at my school. I was thinking of getting some custom made with messages on them like "PA and Proud!"(still thinking of some). Anyway, I was going to use the funds to donate to peanut allergy research. Does anyone know of any charities or things involved with peanut allergy research that would accept donations?

On Apr 21, 2005

The Food Allergy & Anaphalaxis Network is now selling awareness bracelets. If you are interested in doing a fundraising activity, you could purchase some and sell them to raise awareness.