Need Product Help for Outlasting Rita--FAST

Posted on: Fri, 09/23/2005 - 6:00am
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Help! We're in a Houston suburn. DH (in this case "dumb", but otherwise, most dear) was in charge of buying supplies while in Dallas this week. Luckily, I took some of it into my own hands once I could, or our vegetables would be canned green beans and corn!!! I gave him a list, which specifically included Nutrigrain bars. He purposefully didn't buy them the first time, then when I was at the store and finally got cell service to him, he said he'd stop on the way home and get some. He bought some at Sam's--the Walmart brand!!! He said they had Nutrigrain bars but these were cheaper and lower in fat.

I don't see any obvious harmful ingredients, and they do list warning info for milk, wheat, and soybeans at the bottom. They do contain soy lecithin, but that hasn't proved problematic.

We don't even have 911 service today (Friday), let alone once the hurricane hits and afterward. The hospital is 15 minutes away at best. I told DS not to eat a single thing in the next 5 days that he hasn't had (exactly) before--even if Mommy and Daddy give it to him.

DH bought the following flavors of these: Mixed Berry, Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry. They are technically called "Great Value Low Fat Fruit & Grain Bars." Naturally and Artificially Flavored.

Has anyone had these and not had problems? Does anyone have a contact number for these? Does anyone have time to contact the company for me (I know that's asking a lot--there's still much to do to get ready).

Of course, I can simply not serve them to DH. But once DH told me he'd get them, I stopped going from store to store looking for them. I was counting on them.

He also bought some Dole Fruit Bowl Fruit Parfaits--Peaches and Cream and Apples and Caramel Creme. There's at least a contact number on the package, so I should be good there, and it's the Apples and Caramel Creme that I'm most concerned about.

Goodness. You'd think they'd learn.

I made two pizzas--both Red Baron--for lunch to make more room in the freezer for water and ice. I trust Red Baron labeling, but DH had only had the pepperoni, not the Mexican pizza, so I ate the latter so we could save the pepperoni for him to have later. No way are we going to the hospital today.

Okay--thanks in advance for anyone who can help. If you know these walmart grain bars are fine, it would be great to know.

The wind's starting to really pick up!

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