Need most recent info/stats on Peanut allergy, Can you help?


I need this info for something I am submitting to be published and need the most recent statistics and findings. Do you have any info or links? TIA Donna

On Feb 10, 1999


The Food Allergy Network ([url][/url]) may have statistics about this. I am very interested in what you find out and also what you're publishing... please follow up and let us know. I've heard that people with peanut allergies has doubled in the last decade.

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On Feb 11, 1999

Donna ~

What is it that you are compiling exactly? I don't know where you would get stats info from. Are you doing research?

Please let us know if you find out anything!



On Feb 11, 1999

Hi Nicole, I have written a short magazine type story and would like to include the most recent findings. It is my way of publicizing allergy difficulties in hope of helping the general public as far as awareness and understanding, and also perhaps finding others with allergies who need support and information. Thanks Donna

On Feb 18, 1999

Hi Donna,

How is the article going? Just wanted to touch base and see how your progress was going. Let us know!

On Feb 21, 1999

Hi, Still looking for stats, esp on anaphylaxis caused deaths. This is hard to come by because it is usually not listed as the cause of death. Let you guys know when and if it's recived for publication. Donna

On Mar 12, 1999


FAN is doing research: Fatal Reaction Food Study [url=""][/url] They might be able to help you with your article.

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On Mar 14, 1999

I believe the CDC publishes a journal yearly called something like the morbidity & mortality something or other - I know that they list the deaths caused by allergic anaphylaxis (sp?) in it. Not a cheerful publication - but it puts it all out there in black & white. I'll check on it & try to come up with a name etc. Erica [img][/img]

On Mar 14, 1999


My allergist gave me a link to a website by Dr. Weisnagel which is kept up to date with posted responses by other doctors and researchers. It has a lot of information from various studies. The address is:


On Nov 4, 2004


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