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Posted on: Fri, 08/13/1999 - 8:01am
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I have had a difficult time, like many of you getting through to the school. I started at my son's IEP meeting in May ( he also has a speech delay, hearing impairment and fine motor delay so we already had an
IEP). We had a major renovation of the school so the buiding was and still is inaccessible, a new principal who started in June, altho he officially was not around til July. School starts next week ( Kindergarten 8/30) and we still don't have a plan. The offices are at the middle school and I have been very frustrated by their lack of sense of urgency and condescending attitude. This afternoon they finally decided to start doing something and are NOW requesting something from his Dr. I have called several times this week to let them know I would be out of town next week so they have left me little time. One of the primary issues is the school supply list for K has a "box of crackers" on it. They have a rotational snack time I beleive, but I wanted a letter to go out K parents prior to the start of school indicating that the crackers must be peanut free. I requested this go to all K sections which was met with lack of understanding. We haven't even gotten to some of the other issues like buses, computers and who is in the chain of command etc. I could use any suggestions and thoughts you all might have who have been through this before. This afternoon the principal said he has dealt with this the last 5 years and has every confidence that it will be fine...I said when I see it in writing. Thanks, Bridget

Posted on: Fri, 08/13/1999 - 3:10pm
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pI think a lot of what you are asking for in the way of information is covered in this board under the heading:/p
pSchools - 504 and IEP/p
pGood luck and stay safe,/p
pSue in Sunny Arizona/p

Posted on: Fri, 08/13/1999 - 6:07pm
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pThanks Sue, I had read that earlier and re read that. What I plan to do is contact the allergist to confirm taste. touch, smell sensitivity level because no one has actually told me specifically about that. I just assume he would be all three but maybe not. that would help me to know about the bus etc. I would like to send a sample letter to the school at a minimum of what needs to be avoided immediately until we have our plan worked out./p

Posted on: Sun, 08/22/1999 - 2:25pm
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pHang in there! We too are encountering some difficulties in kicking things into gears. Our daughter is entering a new daycare which has had PA children before so they feel the bases are adequately covered. I'm sure they are a step ahead of most daycares but we are struggling to stress that this allergy does not have a "one size fits all" approach and we need to make sure we are on the same page and agree to the correct precautions. We have had one pre-meeting but our actual strategy meeting is a mere three days before our daughter starts. *Sigh* I will be interested in knowing how your situation turns out. Keep us posted - best of luck/p
p------------------br /

Posted on: Sun, 08/29/1999 - 11:42pm
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pI too have a child with a history of anaphylaxis to peanuts. We started a new school this year and have been very lucky as all school personel have been quite cooperative. I provide all food that my son eats. I do not trust others to read ingredient lists. It is not possible to get all parents to understand to provide appropriate food. We keep a labeled brown paper bag with appropriate snacks for holidays and before the school is allowed to feed him anything, I must be able to check ingredient lists. Good luck./p

Posted on: Tue, 08/31/1999 - 12:09am
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pHi!br /
Just thought I'd let you know how my son's first day of school went. My 5 year old is PA with two previous anaphylactic reactions. He has a section 504 plan. I have had several meetings with various school staff members. So far, everything is going well. My son is in a small class this year. I am providing snacks for his class all year. (A sure way that he will never come in contact w/peanuts/nut products). The school has provided a classroom aide to monitor the situation (this is something I did not insist upon). A note has gone home with all children in the entire kindergarten (morning and afternoon) that no snacks containing nuts are to be brought to school. The entire kindergarten community area has been posted as a "peanut/nut free" zone. A specific cafeteria table will be used for his class only. He will have a chair that no one else will sit in. I have had an extremely good response from our school district and I'm very thankful. If I can be of help or can answer any questions regarding my son's situation, I will be glad to do this. Stay safe everyone./p

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