need LIST of peanut safe prepared candy - Peanut Allergy Information

need LIST of peanut safe prepared candy

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My son's class (in the United States) has a new pa student. We sometimes have class parties (per the teacher) and ask for donations from parents. I would like to be able to send as specific as list as possible, especially about candies (not the manufacturer but the specific candy name), home to the families. We don't want to make it a big deal on the day; telling him he has to stay away from something and would rather not leave the label reading up to parents.

On Dec 10, 2004

This is very kind of you to do! We use: Skittles Starburst Smarties Tootsie Rolls Twizzlers Spree Sweetarts Rolos Hershey Kisses (plain)

On Dec 10, 2004

Thank you so much! I've been searching all of these posts and I just couldn't find what I was looking for. This will really help!

On Dec 12, 2004

Thanks for being careful about the candies you are offering! I am sure it brings a wave of relief over many of the other mothers with PA/TNA kids.

Other candies that are safe are: Swedish Fish Mike and Ike Tootsie roll lollipops as well as any other tootsie roll products like: Junior Mints Andes Mints Charleston Chews Dots [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url]

On Dec 12, 2004

Thank you for the additional info. I don't know how it makes the pa/tna parents feel but I know it sure makes me feel A LOT better.

On Dec 13, 2004

Watch out for Hershey Kisses! I read in another thread that while the regular plain Hershey Kisses are safe, the "holiday" plain kisses can be made from the same batch of chocolate as the ones with nuts.

Hershey is good with labels, so if the kisses "may" contain nuts the package will say so, but you do have to check.

On Dec 19, 2004

[b]Lifesaver[/b] products (gummies, jellies, etc) are fine too. As for kisses, Hershey always puts a warning on if there is a risk - the holiday kisses IUhave seen this year are all fine - no warning (but always good to check labels anyway) [img][/img]

On Dec 19, 2004

Beware of MRs. Fields Candy Canes; they are may contain.

But some safe candies are:

Spangler Candies They make Dum Dums & also Candy Canes

[url=""][/url] MARSHMALLOW PEEPS (& christmas marhmallow candies) MIKE AND IKE HOT TAMALES ZOURS TEENEE BEANEE jelly beans and JUST BORN jelly beans


I think Pez, but I am not positive.

& here is a complete list I received from the Tootsie Roll Co:

Product List


Tootsie Rolls Tootsie Pops Flavor Roll Twisties Tootsie Peppermint Pops Frooties Caramel Apple Pops Dots Fruit Smoothie Pops Tropical Dots Hot Chocolate Pops Crows Child

By Keith Russel on Sep 16, 2009

This pure food recipe is pure joy. It is loaded with the sensational tastes and benefits of raw chocolate and coconut. Note that this dessert is a powerful energy source. If you wish to go to bed early, you might want to be sure to eat them before 5pm. Ingredients:

2.5 cups organic, raw, dehydrated, large coconut flakes 1.5 cups organic, raw cacao/chocolate powder 1 cup of raw agave nectar 1/3 cups of organic, raw coconut oil or coconut spread/butter 2 tsp organic, raw vanilla powder 1/4 tsp of ground sea salt Preparation:

If coconut oil or spread is hard, place in a dehydrator at 115°F until soft. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Place a non-stick dehydrator sheet on a dehydrator rack. Using your hands or a spoon, make small macaroon balls (1.5" diameter) and place on non-stick dehydrator sheet. Put rack with macaroons in dehydrator. Dehydrate with thermostat at 115°F until desired dryness (12-24 hours).

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