Need help to decide - Fly or not?


My husband is a band director whose band goes to Disney every 2 years. This is the Spring that our boys and I may tag along (they're 2 and 4, 4 is PA).

Here's the dilemma:

1.) Ride the bus - full of teens eating munchies of their own choice, for 17-24 hours.

2.) Fly - I've NEVER flown and I'd be going alone with the boys, one being PA. I'm petrified of the thought of flying itself, BTW.

3.) Just stay home again.

Help!! Thanks, Tammy

On Jul 24, 2001

Hi... I would probably pick flying since the bus ride sounds really long for a 2 & 4 year old. But I would check with the airlines to see if they will arrange a peanut free flight. The Disney part is actually the easiest. We just returned yesterday from DisneyWorld and they are very peanut aware and accomodating. We flew NorthWest from Canada to Florida and the flights were peanut free at our request. It was my daughter's first time flying (she is 5) and it was a great experience. (Take gum to chew for take off and landing to help with their ears) It takes a little more organizing, but it is worth it...I hope you go and have a super time....

take care

On Jul 24, 2001

I just want to mention that Disney just does not have that much for the 2 year old age group. They can only go on a few rides unless they are really tall, and my 2 year old was too impatient for the lines, etc. When we went with a child at this age we spent a lot of time just handing our youngest child off between my husband and myself. My younger child was frightened of the costume characters, all the "dark" rides and shows, etc. She even wailed pitably going through "it's a small world" and the tiny tunnel in the fairy tale boat ride. The cartoon town area was almost as bad. It's a different story now, but at 2 it was true and utter misery until she fell asleep from overstimulation and exhaustion.

We had a much better time with the younger age group at Legoland. With Disney, everyone might have a better time when the kids are 4 and 6 instead, than when they are 2 and 4.

That aside, I recommend to fly, but pack lean for in flight and try and be met on the ground to help with the mountains of bags you will have. Fly only with food, medication, diapers, stroller, car seats, amusements and a change of clothes for all. Take a helper to get you to the airport and checked in at the gate. Once you are on the plane you are set (or stuck!). The best fight we ever had was on a plane that had mini tv sets in the back of the seats-the kids watched the kid channel for 4 solid hours of quiet.

Check the travel section for all the groundwork you have to do with the airline you chose on peanut free flight. This is doable if you really want to go for it.