need help from canada dwellers! :-)

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Hi everyone, I really need some help! My sister's new boyfriend (who lives in canada!!) has offered to purchase peanut and tree nut free candy for my DD.

I am wondering if you could all post what is safe there to buy...?? I am mainly interested in candy bars. I know of some, like the smarties and the Aero bar... But I really need up to date info and I need it fairly quickly because he is coming to Ca. in a few weeks.

I would very much appreciate it!! Thanks in advance!!


On Jul 21, 2003

Nestle Canada has a "safe to share" pack that is peanut free. It actually has a label on it that says so. Inside are...

Coffee crisp, Kit kat, smarties, aero bars. [img][/img] Other then that...ask Eric [img][/img]