Need Help for 504 meeting Friday - Peanut Allergy Information

Need Help for 504 meeting Friday

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My 504 meeting for my DS is this Friday. I am looking for 2007 statistics Peanut/Tree-nut statistics to try and shock the team a little. Needless to say, they are slightly resistant to the 504 because this will be the first time in our school district. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


On Jun 12, 2008

I'm sorry I don't have any statistics for you but you might try calling FAAN in the AM if you have time and also checking out the search feature here and reading old threads in the school forum and also looking for info at the hyperboard that deals with food allergies--google hyperboard and food allergy. Also, might be helpful to you. I'd recommend looking in the media/news sections of all three boards for useful articles. There is good info on 504s in all three places IMO. I would just go in and ask for what you want with a smile. Good luck!

On Jun 12, 2008

I like this one for schools

[url=""]Harvard article[/url]

On Jun 13, 2008

If you've not left yet for school, [i]please click on this link,[/i] print it and take it with you. And print the Resolution Letter to take with you, too. Give your school a copy. It is rather enlightening.

There is a really important OCR eligibility case for the LTFA community--for our children.This is a landmark moment for us in that OCR investigated a complaint against a school district because the SD said the a child with LFFAs (PA & TNA) was not diabled and did not qualify for a 504. The child had two letters from a doctor and reaction history. [b]OCR ruled that the SD discriminated against the student.[/b]

This link is to a blog entry about the case. There's a link to the Resolution letter in it--and no doubt a link to the main page at that mentions the case. But the blog is a great place to start. [url=""]When a School Refuses to Protect a Child w/ LFTAs--OCR Ruling on 504 Ineligibility[/url] This link provides a more general account. Scroll down to the fourth paragraph when you see Peanut Allergy. [url=""][/url] And here's a link to the Closure/Resolution Letter: [url=""][/url]

BTW--the blog entry has a place for responses. It might be good for them to see how grateful we are for having these resources on their site. I know I've really used in the past two months preparing for our 504 meeting.

I am going to cross post this. I came here for the express (only) purpose of posting this important information.