Need Egg allergy advice please

Posted on: Wed, 01/03/2007 - 8:22am
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Sorry I haven't been around much. Busy with school and a computer that is pretty much useless.

Anyway, my PA and DA 6 year old son has had a spot of rash on his face for about a month now. Can't get it to go away. It seems to get worse when we feed him scrambled eggs or a egg salad sandwich. His last blood test came back postive for eggs, but the doctor was conviced it was a false postitive. But now I'm not so sure.

So my dh and I will be putting ds on an egg-free diet for a few weeks to see if the rash clears up.

So what can you use in place of eggs when baking? Please help!


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Posted on: Wed, 01/03/2007 - 8:28am
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I used ener g egg replacer. Makes baked goods kinda hard and they don't rise as well IMO.
Good luck with that. My ds outgrew thank goodness!!!

Posted on: Wed, 01/03/2007 - 8:35am
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I forgot to ask - is there a decent substitute for mayo?

Posted on: Wed, 01/03/2007 - 9:41am
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I'll try to answer more later (tomorrow) about some egg subs but for now, see if you can find Bakin' without Eggs cookbook, do a search on here for some egg free recipes, and see if you can find Vegenaise (in my opinion, the best egg free mayo out there).

Posted on: Wed, 01/03/2007 - 9:41am
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The Ener-g egg replacer works really well. In some cake recipes you can add applesauce.
There is egg free Ranch dressing, but I haven't found anything to replace mayo except to use butter or Ranch.
Good luck!

Posted on: Wed, 01/03/2007 - 10:29am
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Veganaise is excellent! We have an egg free house but my DH and I missed mayo. Since finding Veganaise we don't notice a difference.
There are many different subs for eggs when baking. Search the recipe forum and you will find some great suggestions as well as recipes.
Keep Smiling
DD - allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, and egg

Posted on: Wed, 01/03/2007 - 10:34am
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Darkmage, I have a wonderful book for MFA's called "Food Allergy Field Guide" that includes a chapter on what to use as replacements for a given allergic food. I highly recommend the book. For eggs the first thing to do is to figure out why the egg is in the recipe. Eggs are used as either binders, leavening agents, or for moisture.
If it's a binder the recipe will likely have one egg but also a "fair amount of baking powder or soda." For replacement use either Tofu (1/4 cup for each egg), Unflavored Gelatin (1 envelope in 1 cup boiling water; 3 Tbls= 1 lg egg), or Flaxmeal mix ("Soak 1 tsp flaxmeal in 1/3 cup boiling water for 5 minutes"; 1/4 cup= 1 lg. egg).
If in place of leavening agent there will not be other ingredients that make recipe rise, such as baking powder. Replace with Ener-g egg replacer, Buttermilk-Soda (replace all liquid with buttermilk and replace B. powder with B. soda, not to exceed 1 tsp B. soda per cup flour), or Carbonated water (2 Tbl Carbonated water and 2 tsp. flour per egg).
If the eggs are used as moisture the recipe will have leavening agents but little to no other moisture. Substitute with 2 Tbls. Fruit Juice/Milk/Water per egg and increase leavening agent by 25%-50%, or use a 1/4 cup pureed fruit per egg and again increase leavening agent by 25%-50%.
I've only used a couple of these ideas with varying degrees of success and few of these I either can't use or wouldn't use but I don't know your situation. The book also has other tips and advice. If you have any more questions I'll try to answer. Hope this helps you some.

Posted on: Wed, 01/03/2007 - 11:02am
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I tried ground flaxseed (can't recall the ratio but I know there are alot of versions online) and I noticed an aftertaste, but my DH didn't. Recently I've started using Kingsmills Egg Replacer and it's been pretty good. I've tried it on cakes and with Bisquick - it doesn't rise as much, but it's pretty good. Still looking for the 'perfect' solution.
I've heard bananas work well if it's for binding purposes, but i haven't tried yet.
As far as mayo, isn't Miracle Whip egg free? Haven't had it in awhile so I don't know how it compares taste-wise.

Posted on: Wed, 01/03/2007 - 11:32am
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Miracle whip is not egg free so you can't use it. I agree Veganise is the best (tried Naynayse and Soynayse but they had after taste. I have found that the Vegenaise does need a little sweetness - like honey for it to work for me!
For baking, if you boil 1/3 cup ground flax seed meal with 1 cup water for 5 minutes you get a slimy gloopy mass that can be used to replace egg. 1 Tbsp of goop equals 1 egg. It's Ok for muffins and complex cookies (i.e. not sugar cookies) but you can notice the specs and the taste in plan baking. If I can't find any En r Gy replacer - I use the 1 tsp baking powder and 2 Tbsp water basic replacement. It's fine for most baking.
Check out the recipe section here for lots of ideas, including cakes, cookies, pancakes, etc.

Posted on: Wed, 01/03/2007 - 10:44pm
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I saw a mention of making mayo by someone recently. It might have been in off topic and someone said something to make the mayo or something like that. Maybe Peg? I'll look..

Posted on: Thu, 01/04/2007 - 7:23am
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Thanks everyone!
I've already checked out the recipe forum, but as I have quite a few recipes that I already love, I just need to know how to make them egg-free. I found Ener-G replacer today and Nayonaise. Haven't tried either yet.
Not sure how to tell if the egg in the recipe is for the purpose of binding, mositure, whatever. How do you know?
I guess I have a lot of trial and error in the future. Combining the dairy allergy and egg allergy, the poor kid sure is getting a lot of soy. I sure wish there were a better way...


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