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Before I found out about my daughter's peanut allergy, I did not bake AT ALL EVER. We are going away labor day weekend with some family and friends and I said I would bring brownies and chocolate chip bars. I thought I would make them Friday but I was unable to to take off work like I previously planned and since we are traveling at 6pm I will not have the time to make them.

My question is if I make the brownies and chocolate chip bars on Thursday evening will they be really gross and stale by Saturday or would it be better to make them some time this week and freeze them?

Any help would be appreciated. You would think I would know if things last past a day but quite frankly me and my husband are huge over eating pigs and everytime i have baked we end up eating them in a day [img][/img]


On Aug 27, 2006

You can make them Thursday and wrap them well. I would use either zipper bags, or an airight container. Or you can make them earlier and freeze them. Again, I would use zipper bags. Personally, I would make ahead and freeze. Not because of freshness, but I like to do these things when I have time, then not worry when I am busy.

On Aug 27, 2006

I don't think you would have any problems with them if you bake them on Thursday. It gives a chance for the flavor to "blend" by settling a bit. Make sure you wrap them tightly so no air gets in to dry them out.

I don't usually like to freeze baked goods. Somehow, they don't taste the same to me. But, if it makes it easier for you, go ahead. Just let them thaw overnight before you have to use them.

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On Aug 27, 2006

If cookies or brownies are a bit stale, you can put them on a paper towel and microwave for a few seconds (10?) don't overdo! but it will warm them up and soften them a little, just like they were fresh out of the oven.


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On Aug 27, 2006

Freezing them shouldn't hurt them, but it will change them once they defrost again.

I would suggest, like others here, to wrap them very very well and bake them Thu to take on Saturday. Be sure they are in a cool place, even the fridge.

Also, don't cut them! Keep them intact until you serve them on Saturday. That'll help with the drying out/stale concern.

I personally LOVE the new Press 'n Seal stuff. It's fabulous!

Here's what I suggest (I'm a big baker/bake sale-r, I've done this before for something 6 days in advance!)

Line your baking pan(s) with aluminum foil so you cover the whole pan with edges hanging out. Press the foil into the pan to decrease any change of wrinkles. Then, treat the pan how you normally would for baking (crisco/flour, Pam, just greasing, whatever). Bake the items. Wait to cool on the counter. Then, just lift out the pan of brownies or bars. Voila! Easier to wrap for storing. ***Make sure they are completely cool before wrapping else you get unneeded moisture in there!***

Ok, so now they are cool. Whip out the Press 'n Seal. You might even be able to remove the brownie/bar from the foil and place on a large sheet of press 'n seal. Otherwise, just cut the foil down to the top of the brownie/ extra foil needed! Then lay another sheet of Press 'n Seal on top. And seal tight! Smooth it out over the top down the sides til it sticks.

Then, I would just try to bag it up again in a large ziploc or something, or even press 'n seal it again.

I baked an 8x8 pan of chocolate chip pan cookies for a friend and did this (2x's press 'n seal) and mailed. 6 days later, she said they tasted just like they were made that day.

Good luck!


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On Aug 27, 2006

This Press and Seal -- is it a plastic wrap that actually works? or is it something completely different?

Does baking (and storing) in tin foil affect the flavour? I have often considered doing that, but was afraid I'd get a metallic taste from it.

On Aug 27, 2006

If using real butter and eggs they should be fine for 2 days.

Eliminating the eggs for me makes things harden up faster. I freeze those items immedaitely if not being consumed and then they are good and fresh once thawed.

Personally, I would freeze and take right from the freezer to the gathering. They will thaw in time and be very fresh. becca

On Aug 27, 2006


Originally posted by AnnaMarie: [b]This Press and Seal -- is it a plastic wrap that actually works? or is it something completely different?

Does baking (and storing) in tin foil affect the flavour? I have often considered doing that, but was afraid I'd get a metallic taste from it.[/b]

glad press and seal [url=""][/url]

I'm not sure about aluminum foil altering taste at all. I've never noticed anything metallic tasting.


------------------ 30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

On Aug 28, 2006

I'm particularly fond of Reynolds Non-Stick Foil for baked goods and hot sandwiches. Well worth the money IMHO.

On Aug 28, 2006

I just posted about this in another thread. I often make brownies in cupcake wrappers (use paper ones, not foil ones). It is so convenient, all brownies are the same size, sanitary, no messy cutting when taking them somewhere.

I use Betty Crocker traditional brownie mix. Fill the cupcake wrappers ONLY half full. It's much easier with brownies if they don't rise to overflow the wrapper, too hard to get the wrapper off. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Most of the time I leave them as is. Sometimes I get creative and decorate with safe candies.

Since you will be making them ahead of time, wrap each one individually. Enjoy!

On Aug 28, 2006

Thanks Adrienne. My husband is going to have so much fun playing with that when I buy some. [img][/img] (He's such a big kid sometimes.)

melissiabeth, sorry I didn't bring any advice with me to your thread. All my suggestions were already posted when I got here.

On Aug 29, 2006

Thank you all so much for your advice!!! I think I will make them on Thursday and per Adrienne's advice do the foil and press n seal. I will be using real eggs and butter so it is good to know that I can freeze things ahead of time and they will still be okay- may do that for the holidays.

Timmysmom, that is a great idea using the cupcake wrappers- I think I'll do that for the next party or family gathering- I would do that this time but honestly I am just too lazy to wrap them all individually [img][/img]

Now I just have to worry that my baked goods will come out right!

Thanks Again!