Need advice on my 9 month old son


I accidently posted this under restaurants so I'm re-posting here. Sorry. My ds is allergic to Peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and eggs, wheat is questionable. Her reactions have always been eczema and hives. I also have a 9 month old son. He started with eczema early on but it improved greatly when I stopped eating eggs. I breast fed exclusively until he was 6 months old and am continuing in addition to the solids I am trying to introduce. I have tried Rice and Barley cereals and sweet potatoes, they have all caused gas which had him up every hour all night. He was very difficult to console. He doesn't seem bothered by oatmeal but his eczema seems to be getting a bit worse. The only foods he has tolerated with no problems are prunes and green beans. I am concerned about his nutrition. I really wanted to get him on a fortified cereal. The pediatrician is also recommending vitamins. The only vitamins I can find are Poly and TriVisol. They are flavored with orange and lemon oils. The allergist had told me to avoid citrus until he was 3 years old. I'm planning to call the allergist and pediatrician tomorrow. Does anyone have any words of wisdom?

On Apr 4, 2006

Hi there...I don't have much to offer, but since my daughter has TNA, we were told to delay giving our infant son table foods till he was 12 months old. Yes 12 months! The allergist told us this. Our pediatrician concurred that formula (in our case Nutramigen...hypoallergenic formula) is complete nutrition for up to 12 months....So no 'real' foods are needed. While acknowledging this, he then said he thought waiting 12 months was a bit long. We opted to wait till about 10 months. DS was tested at that time and shown to be allergic to wheat, dairy and egg. He has since outgrown the wheat allergy.

I guess holding off on the foods is an option, although it did not seem to help my son avoid food allergies. My DD was on foods at 4 months and she is only TNA.

No advice really, just letting you know what happened with our situation...hope it helps...

On Apr 6, 2006

That's interesting....

My daughter was DA - diagnosed at 6 weeks of age while I was solely breastfeeding. She was passing blood. I nursed her until she was 12 months of age, and followed absolute avoidance of all dairy in my diet. At 12 months, we reintroduced milk and she was fine. She never underwent formal allergy testing and the guidance we received was through the pediatrician. And, I introduced food to her at 4 months of age, again guided by our pediatrician (this was standard food introduction for children with NKA and with no family history, neither of which was true). Today, she is 3 and has NKA (I pray every day she stays this way). I can't believe I had my head this far in the sand... With my daughter, I honestly knew nothing about allergies, besides how to avoid milk (yes, I am still beating myself up over this). I didn't follow avoidance at all with my next baby and still introduced foods to him at 4 months. I ate anything I wanted while I nursed him for the first year too. He has a severe PA (with ana). I will always wonder "what if" we had avoided the major allergens. If I had it to do all over again, I certainly would avoid while pregnant and nursing and I would have delayed food introduction. Would it have helped?? Maybe not, but at least we wouldn't have to wonder...

On Apr 7, 2006

Andrea, My last dd was about 60% breast milk, 40% formula until a year old for no other reason than she had no interest in food at all. She then all the sudden graduated to table food. We pretty much completely skipped baby food, cereal, etc, and she was perfectly healthy. She definitely had no nutrition issue.

Now, I ate nuts like a fiend while nursing, she had horrible eczema, and at 14 mos we found out she was PA. Had I known then what I now know...

------------------ Lori Jo,

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