Need advice on medical allert bracelets

Posted on: Fri, 02/21/2003 - 4:14am
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Hi, My 2 1/2 year old daughter was just diagnosed with a PA. My husband and I want to get her a medical ID bracelet but I wanted to you find the advantage with the Medical Alert Company that emergancy workers can call and find out info. or are private companies just as useful? I didn't know if anyone had an opinion about the usefullness of the MediAlert company? Just looking for some direction....THANKS.

Posted on: Sat, 02/22/2003 - 6:06am
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I am for the "real" Medic Alert bracelets, with the phone number and ID number that can give additional info on the person. DD has one and when you sign up they asked complete and intelligent questions (such as alternative contact names and numbers, if she carried her own Epi or if a supervising adult would have it etc...
My MIL is diabetic and her medic alert braclet and the info that the perimedics got when they phoned in, helped her when she passed out, alone in the park.
I know they are more $$, but I feel it is worth it. I felt so strongly about it that when I got her an alternative "dressy" bracelet from Lauren's Hope, I did not order the Lauren's Hope tag and instead attached a Medic Alert from a bracelet she had outgrown.
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Posted on: Sat, 02/22/2003 - 6:56am
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I also go for the *real* Medic Alert.
My son's was pulled off his arm in the school yard one day and we couldn't find it. I went to the office to see if it had been turned in. This happened in the fall. After the entire winter (lots of snow, and even snow ploughs in the yard) someone found the bracelet in the spring and handed it in. The paint was off the front and it was a bit scratched up, but other than that in good condition. Still readable too. Definitely worth the extra cost with the 1-800 number and such a long life.

Posted on: Sat, 02/22/2003 - 11:23am
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Thanks for the advice. There is so much to think about and it is nice to get advice from others....THANKS.

Posted on: Sat, 02/22/2003 - 11:45pm
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Wanted to add one more thought.
While your kids are small you always know where they are and who they are with. Eventually they grow up though. At school or a friends house you would expect them to call the parents as well as an ambulance. But when they are older and at the mall - library - park etc. it's possible no-one will know your number.

Posted on: Sun, 02/23/2003 - 2:57am
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Sara O., welcome! [img][/img]
I'm for the *real* MedicAlert bracelet as well. Since your child is young, they won't be worried about being fashion conscious etc. which does lead a lot of other PA parents to choose different types of jewelery for their PA children.
My son has been wearing one since he was 3-3/4 years old. He has never taken it off.
I highly recommend them. We haven't had to use the services they provide (i.e., the phone number, etc.) yet (touch wood) but I'm pleased to know that they are they.
If you find the membership too costly, please contact me off-the-board. I may have some information to share with you that might be helpful in this regard.
I'm in no way saying that children without *real* MedicAlert bracelets aren't okay. I just firmly believe that if your child starts wearing the *real* one when they're young, as your child is, it becomes part and parcel of them and they really don't worry about how it looks. It's just part of them.
Their website should be [url=""][/url] I'm Canadian so not clear, but it should be that.
I also highly recommend the MedicAlert Epi-belt for when it comes time for your child to be wearing a fanny pack or Epi-belt with their Epi-pen in it. It is manufactured by another well known Epi-belt maker that other members here have, but the thing I like about it is it has the MedicAlert logo emblazoned on it in the front. Otherwise, someone might just look at it and think what the heck is this?
I'm not sure if the MedicAlert Epi-belt is available in the U.S. or not yet. I know that it wasn't a couple of years ago and Americans had to order it from MedicAlert Canada. If anyone is interested in it, and it's not available in America, please also contact me off-the-board re information.
I don't like to promote off-the-board contact with information that I feel should be shared with the whole PA community. However, there are some instances where things are better said off-the-board, for the interests of MedicAlert and other companies for example, and also for PA parents themselves.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Tue, 04/01/2003 - 5:48am
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I am also for the real medic alert bracelets but a word of caution. I'm finding that alot of people have no clue what the bracelet is. My son has been wearing his for a year now. They are very durable. Definately worth the extra $$$$.

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 10:07am
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My son wears a Medic Alert sports band. I am about to order a metal chain one. The sports band gets saturated if he is anywhere near water (even just washing his hands) and feels yucky.
Any suggestions on what to order for a 3 1/2 year old's wrist? Thanks.
mom to 3-year-old with PA

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 10:49am
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Jean, we went back to the metal after trying the sports band, too. We were very unhappy with it. Cute, but not practical for us.
I think the way to measure for the correct size bracelet is to measure snug against the wrist and then add 1/2" to allow for turning the emblem. I may be off on the exact measurement, but they will tell you at MedicAlert.
Oh yeah - they offer a child's size emblem. Used to be called size "E" , but if you tell the person taking your order that it is for a small child, they will give you the smallest one.
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Posted on: Tue, 04/15/2003 - 12:30am
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Just a note on the size: if the bracelet is too large, all you have to do is take a few links out of the chain. Most jewelry stores are happy to do this; we

Posted on: Tue, 04/15/2003 - 3:42am
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Quote:Originally posted by Dawn:
[b]Jean, we went back to the metal after trying the sports band, too. We were very unhappy with it. Cute, but not practical for us.
We like the sports band one, but it is impractical for summertime.
I plan to order one that is a bit too big, then remove the links so we have them on hand for growth.
** 3-year-old son with PA **
** fretting myself crazy over PA since 2000 **


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