Need advice about full body hives on a 22 month old


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On Jan 19, 2007


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On Jan 19, 2007

My dd had what we believe were viral hives (had no contact with anything out of the ordinary that day, didn't go anywhere) and it is true that they came right back when the benadryl wore off. In fact they came back even worse, and all over her body including her face. We ended up taking her to the ER and she got a shot of phenergan and some prednisone tabs plus an rx for both for 5 days. The hives were back just barely the next night (maybe 3 or 4 small hives on her back/tummy) but that was it. She had a mild cold at the time.

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On Jan 20, 2007

There seems to be corn syrup or corn meal in all these things. Possibility???

Perhaps it's something where she has a threshold she can tolerate, and then once she goes over it, the hives come?

Maybe see if there are any other common ingredients, then keep track of how much/often she consumes those.

Otherwise, ya got me. Good luck finding it out! Meg

On Jan 20, 2007

yes i too noticed the corn in all items - i have a son who is allergic to corn -- we stay away from ALL except corn oil -- a little we might not notice --more and his behavior is out of control and on edge -- alot and hives.

On Jan 20, 2007

Viral hives as well as food allergy reaction hives will rotate all over the body in cycles.

Hives usually need to run their course.

I would keep on the Benadryl and see if it helps.

My dd went thru a period of time with hives for about 2 weeks. I ended up needing Atarax and they eventually stopped coming but it took awhile.

I would say that viral hives probably take a longer time to clear up and get out of the system.

On Jan 20, 2007

Because of the fever, I would suspect viral hives--my kids have both had them several times. They seem to be brought out by anything that increases the skin temperature, like a very warm bath, a fever or warm bedding. They often come back after the antihistamine wears off and that often continues for a few days. DS had chronic hives induced by a flu shot that lasted a month. The allergist had him on Zyrtec and Zantac (which is actually a type of antihistamine) to control the outbreaks which worked well.

Some kids are "hivey" and break out easily from many things such as irritation of the skin like you observed with the cheese powder. I also want to mention that DS had chronic nighttime itching--he would wake up itchy in the middle of the night, sometimes with small hives--until we eliminated all artificial colors from his diet. Then, like magic, he began to sleep throught the night!


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On Jan 20, 2007

We have way more experience with viral hives than anyone needs...

They do tend to come back when the Benadryl wears off, in my son's case, way before it even wore off. He needed Atarax. He had them steadily for months, then they'd come and go whenever he had even a little sniffle. This went on for [i]years[/i].

Now I have a variation on them, but instead of a virus, they seem to have been caused by trauma due to a bad fall. I've had them since October. [img][/img]

I hate these mystery afflictions. I hope you can figure it out.


On Jan 22, 2007


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On Jan 23, 2007

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On Jan 23, 2007

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