Need a Trusted Allergist in Southeastern Ontario

Posted on: Sat, 12/28/2002 - 3:01am
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Since Jesse's last reaction at school, I have decided that he needs to be tested for sesame seeds which he has never been allergic to. DH wanted to do an oral challenge at home but I frankly feel that the psychological repercussions could be quite devastating (as well as the physical ones).

If I go to the walk-in clinic here (we don't have family doctors), am I able to ask a family doctor to order a CAP RAST test for sesame seeds or does it have to be ordered by an allergist?

If it does have to be ordered by an allergist, can anyone here recommend an allergist in southeastern Ontario (I'll include Toronto in that if I have to [img][/img] ) that they really trusted having their PA child see and trusted that the person knew what the he** they were talking about?

I would really appreciate some referrals. I understand that it will probably take months to get in to see the doctor, but that's okay.

Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]


Posted on: Sat, 12/28/2002 - 8:36am
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Our allergist is from London, Ont. @ 4 hours from Toronto. Highly respected by me and many others in surrounding cities.
Dr. Payton. It may be worth the drive.

Posted on: Sun, 12/29/2002 - 7:44am
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I have been told about a guy in Belleville, I think his name is Velda? I think he only does skin picks and does not have much of a bed side manner. People still speak highly about him though?! I have not been to him so I can not speak from experience.

Posted on: Sun, 12/29/2002 - 2:57pm
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Mom Lyttle, thank-you! You forget you're dealing with the aged woman who doesn't know how to drive so a commute to London would be quite far for me. Actually, a commute to Kingston, Ottawa or Toronto would be far enough for me. I appreciate your input though.
Karen T., no way! [img][/img] An allergist in Belleville. I will check the phone book in the morning. After Jesse had the reaction, I checked the phone book and under Physicians and Surgeons I found only ONE allergist listed but, of course [img][/img] can't remember the name.
It would be super if there was an allergist right here. We have such difficulty here getting a family doctor that if I could get to an allergist here I don't give a toss if it's skin prick only (and perhaps I could convince him to do the CAP RAST, and actually, Jesse's previous allergy testing was skin prick only as well) and I don't care about bed side manner either. That must sound terribly odd, but then consider who it's coming from! This is wonderful, thank-you. [img][/img]
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 12/30/2002 - 12:21am
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Hi Cindy
Our allergist is Dr. Anthony Ham Pong who works out of CHEO in Ottawa. The bonus is he is also a respirologist so our initial assessment was both for allergies and asthma. He then also referred me to a pediatircian with expertise in asthma management which was really nice to have.
You can request a referral from your general doctor to the Respirology clinic at CHEO but then specify that you also need an allergist or that you want Dr. Ham Pong specifically. You may be able to get a referral to his office directly, I don't know. If you want you can email me directly and I can give you his office info.
take care

Posted on: Mon, 12/30/2002 - 6:29am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Deb O., thank-you. [img][/img] I may take you up on your kind offer.
Karen, I found the allergist in the phone book. The name is slightly different but I did call this morning and his voice mail box was full so I'll try again probably tomorrow or I guess after the official holidays are over. The bonus thing about him is that he is just a couple of blocks (can you believe that [img][/img] ) away from my home. It would be simply wonderful if I could get the answer without having to leave Belleville. How did you happen to hear of the man?
Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 12/30/2002 - 6:30am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Oh, and idiot woman here realized last night that I do have an allergist in Toronto. I forget his name but he works with Dr. Peter Vadas. How stupid can one woman be? [img][/img]
(I'd still kinda like to get the answer without leaving Belleville..... )
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 01/22/2003 - 5:37am
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If you are still looking for an allergist, my son has an excellent one in Newmarket. His name is Dr. David Hummel and he also works at the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto.
Number is 905.479.9693. He also has offices in Toronto - 416.733.7772.
Good luck!

Posted on: Wed, 01/22/2003 - 6:51am
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Hi Cindy. I don't know if you remember but we went through the whole "is she or isn't she" for sesame seeds with Leah several years ago. At that time our allergist, whom I really do trust for this type of thing, said that she could not find a serum from a supplier that she felt comfortable with, to do a skin test. We did end up having the CAP RAST test done for peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame two years later. (We totally avoided sesame - which is not fun - during that two year period.) Leah turned out to be "class one" (or possibly "class two"?) for sesame, but 5 or 6 for the others. We challenged her at home and she was fine. Not sure what my point was with that [img][/img] but I think it was to caution you about the reliability of skin testing for sesame. Good luck! Miriam

Posted on: Wed, 01/22/2003 - 7:53am
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You can also check for qualified allergists in your area by doing a Doctor Search at The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario website. Here's the URL:

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