Natural and or Organic products for a peanut and tree nut allergy.

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Anyone have any good suggestions or brand names?

just wrapping my head, heart, and hands aroung this new nut allergy!


On Mar 10, 2008

I find natural and/or organic products to be very hard to find for PA/TNA. However, I don't know if you have a Price Chopper by you (I see you are in MA) but they have a new private line of natural and organic products called "Full Circle". They have their own version of sunflower seed butter which is an excellent PB substitute. It says it's made in a PA/TN-free facility. It's in the regular PB section. Also, I have found other products in their line to be very well-labeled. They are not necessarily safe but their labeling seems good.

Best of luck!


On Mar 10, 2008

Thanks, yes I have a Price Chopper near me..I will check them out.

I have been using some Organic Valley products, and when I called today regarding their Cream Cheese and Chocolate Milk, they said that they contract their facilities, and have no way of knowing if there are allergens or what not in their products...which I was kinda disgusted at, but what can you do.