National Peanut Tour Coming soon to a city near you!

Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2001 - 1:31am
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pWell I don't know what happened to the other thread on this but I am reposting it. It is /
National Peanut Tour Spreads the Word on Peanutsbr /
NEW YORK, April 25, 2001/p

Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2001 - 1:55am
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Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2001 - 2:43am
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Scared mom
I feel similar where PEANUTS are concerned. I forgot to write when I reposted that I was going to go when it came to my area with a sign that said Peanuts also can Kill.

Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2001 - 3:17am
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I certainly respect the right of others to have a different opinion...but I guess I am in the minority here on this board...I am fine with this. With the exception of pushing peanuts on pregnant women, I see nothing wrong with the peanut farmers,etc trying to publicize their product. Peanuts ARE a healthy food choice for many (millions) of people. I prefer to concentrate on the things that (again just my opinion) are reasonable and achievable, like labeling, no peanuts on airlines, peanut free zones in school,etc. Trying to tell the rest of the world that they shouldn't eat peanuts at all does not seem reasonable to me. Peanuts themselves do not kill, allergies do.
Just wanted to post another viewpoint. Thanks!

Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2001 - 3:26am
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I guess my post got lost along with the rest of the original thread. I am so FURIOUS with the March of Dimes for teaming up with the peanut people to push peanuts on pregnant women. That is so irresponsible, it is appalling!! As for the peanut tour itself, I think it's a little overboard. I've never seen a milk tour, or apple tour, though maybe they do exist. It's not as if there is a single person in this country who has never heard of peanutbutter. It's not like it's soybean butter or tofu or something regional like grits. Give me a break. Peanuts don't need publicity.
There was a part in the original article/announcement that mentioned something about allergy education. I wonder what that will be about. Maybe they should hand out a free epi with the free samples. Hope no one dies from this tour.

Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2001 - 3:52am
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Kelly01, A tour like this worries me because it makes the "achievable" goals (your's are the same as mine), so much more difficult to achieve since this high-impact marketing more than off-sets the "downside" of peanuts in the general public's mind. It can make non-pa folks even more resistant to peanut-free rooms, peanut-free flights. We won't can't far without the support of families who do not live with pa, a tour that promotes ONLY the health benefits and NONE of the potential risks will only make our "work" more difficult.
On the diappeared thread, I suggested that when use the list of venues to contact local newspapers, radio stations etc with the pa-point of view (prior to each local event). You can bet the Peanut Board is going to use local media to promote these events and have representatives interviewed at length about the health benefits of pn etc. We will need a "counter offensive" to ensure our message is not forgotten and that coverage is balanced.
Also there are only 25,000 peanut farmers and 3 million in the US with pa/tn allergy. THe difference is they are organized, have a common goal, and make a lot of noise!

Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2001 - 11:54am
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The more I think about this the more I think we need to tackle the March of Dimes (unless of course this pn-drive for pregnant women generates many moer pa kids then of course it will be more circumstantial evidence!).
Is the Peanut Board trying to get back the good image of pn?

Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2001 - 12:11pm
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Here is the text from the corrupted thread. We will delete the corrupted thread and let this new one serve for this topic.
Stay Safe,
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Author Topic: National Peanut Tour coming to a city near you!
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This is long but I didn't know how to link it. Sorry! I feel like attending one of these with a giant peanuts can kill sign!
National Peanut Tour Spreads the Word on Peanuts
NEW YORK, April 25, 2001

Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2001 - 10:51pm
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How can you people condemn an entire industry? It is unfortunate and sometimes very scary that we have to deal with this horrible allergy. The fact remains that for 98% of the population peanuts are a safe, nutritious, and quite tasty snack. Should people who are allergic to milk be up in arms over the "Got Milk?" campaign? I think not. Maybe you should focus your energy on things that can make a difference like education, better labeling, and finding a cure for this horrible allergy. Maybe one reason that we haven't been very successful in getting manufacturers and legislators to listen to us is that more and more of us are sounding like radical lunatics who want to ban or outlaw peanuts. Come on people, this isn't Nazi Germany. Should we avoid these types of promotions? Absolutely! But what gives you the right to condemn the peanut growers and people who love peanuts?

Posted on: Thu, 04/19/2001 - 1:14am
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stef92 - I don't think it's radical to expect the Peanut Board to at least acknowledge that peanut allergies exist! You would think that, with the amount of money they are spending to mount this campaign, they could come up with 1 or 2% of it, to spend on allergy education.
I remember coming across a slew of peanut butter recipes, put out by Kraft, in a newspaper supplement cookbook. In the midst of the recipes, was an fine educational blurb on peanut allergies - "Peanuts aren't great for everyone", or something to that effect. This, by a company who makes millions of dollars from PB! This doesn't harm sales!
Someone mentioned that the Peanut Board may have a promotion on PA? That is acceptable to me. It gives us "credibility" to have this major industry acknowledge that peanuts aren't "great" for everyone. If I didn't have a PA daughter, I would still be indulging in peanuts left and right, so surely including allergy education as part of their campaign, won't hurt the peanut sales!
You're right - it only affects the people who live with it - so the rest can have their peanuts, but the general public needs to be better educated about how harmful and FATAL peanuts are to us. Eileen is right when she says promotions like this are a step backward for us as we strive to better education the public. I mean, heck, why don't they just put a halo over Mr. Peanut's head and get it over with! Balance is key, here, not an outright ban (but, sheesh, this promotion does seem WAY over the top), but just... balance.

Posted on: Thu, 04/19/2001 - 1:37am
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I am pretty ambivalent for the most part about this except the March of Dimes connection. But the fact remains that there is no evidence that eating peanuts during pregnancy is what causes the first exposure or an allergy to peanuts. I of course always warn others not to do it but only because of a sort of "just in case" type thing.
I would think directing an email campaign at March or Dimes to alert them to this possibility would be pretty effective.
As for promoting peanuts in general, those people who are not allergic and have no affiliation with anyone who is allergic really have no reason to not eat peanuts or peanut products.
I think of all the products out there that kill and main so many of our children that are dangerous to everyone (alcohol comes to mind) that no one, except those who want to go back to prohibition times, tries to totally ban or make illegal.
Its hard when it affects us directly but I try to keep in mind that its a very small group that is really affected by this and to focus my energies that way (ie at the school level, local eateries, and just telling everyone about this in an informative way)


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