National Jewish Hospital Day Program-Whose been?

Posted on: Thu, 10/25/2007 - 6:13am
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Our doctor really wants us to participate in the National Jewish Hospital day program with my fa son. Has anyone been through this program? And if so, what was your opinion? Likes, Dislikes? Thanks in advance for your input!

Posted on: Mon, 11/12/2007 - 11:54pm
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Since it has been a while and you have gotten no responses, I can give you some feedback, although my situation was not exactly the same. When I was in college in Boulder, CO, I had my doctor throughly confused with my weird asthma symptoms, down to the point where when I first saw her, she thought I didn't have asthma and was ready to take me off all my meds. On a whim, she decided to give me a breathing treatment and do the test again, and she couldn't believe how much I improved. After a few very confusing months where I could not be taken off of prednisone, she decided to send me there for a consult and for some more specialized tests.
When I was there, it was clear they were used to dealing wiht difficult, and abnormal cases (please note, they did nothing with my allergies, because i had no food allergies at the time). One thing that stands out the most was they understood my high lung function tests, and looked at my results as an individual. Usually, when I am seen the first time by a doctor, they look at me and say no asthma, your peak flow is high, even when it is low for me. At national Jewish, the tech doing the tests looked at the results, and asked me what sports I had done growing up, because of the tests (which was the case). They were very thorough and when leaving, had me on some different meds which controlled my asthma better than ever. I would highly recommend them.

Posted on: Sun, 12/16/2007 - 9:40am
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When I was having problems getting our HMO to give us allergist referrals for my daughter 13 years ago, National Jewish Center (NJC) was a big advocate for us in getting the necessary testing done. I've been a big fan ever since, even though I live in Georgia. In fact, one half of the proceeds from my allergen-free chocolate shop will be donated to funding the food allergy research at NJC. I also plan on sending treats to the kids in their schools when I am fully up and running.

Posted on: Tue, 02/12/2008 - 9:54am
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Well we are leaving for National Jewish in March. If anyone has any suggestions, please post them:)

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