Nate had a small reaction yesterday - Peanut Allergy Information

Nate had a small reaction yesterday

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Nate had a small mystery peanut reaction yesterday, but we solved the mystery. We're 99% sure it was an orange that had been peanut dusted at the store. I'll explain.

He was eating breakfast - Organic Raisin Bran, Silk (Light), and an orange.

His dad noticed a big red hive (1-2 inch)next to Nate's mouth. We checked Nate for other symptoms, and he said he didn't have any, thankfully.

I wondered about the orange being an irritant...he was eating a slice with the skin still on, and it was rubbing against his mouth a bit. He does this all the time, though, without reaction, so I dismissed the idea.

We gave him a dose of Benedryl and he was fine within 20 minutes.

I wrote an e-mail to Kellog's to check on the Organic Raisin Bran x-contam risk. I'll post back here and in Manufacturers if it turns out there's a risk.

Later that night, Glen and I went to the grocery store (Wal-Mart--we're semi-rural) and I noticed that the netted bags of oranges were in an open bin next to plastic bags of PEANUTS. I asked Glen if those were the type of oranges he had bought, and he said "yep--mystery solved."

I don't really have any questions--I think we have an answer--but I just wanted to share the story.

Be aware of the peanut displays in your store, and wash all your fruit! You don't know where it's been. : )


On Jan 30, 2007

Be aware of the peanut displays in your store, and wash all your fruit! You don't know where it's been. : )

Good advice, I never buy anything that has been anywhere near the peanut display.

You never know which items were handled by the stock person after they restocked the PN display, so anything and everythng in that area could be contaminated.

Glad to hear your son is OK

On Mar 20, 2007

One of the only fruits my son can eat is an orange. He generally only drinks OJ, doesn't seem to like the texture of the fruit. But one day last summer decided to eat an orange. He broke out in a rash. I was spooked but let him have OJ after that and he has been fine. So I think that his orange last summer was cross contaminated too! So frustrating.